One Night With... Roman Flügel


Wire, Leeds

Last Entry: 00:00
Age: 18+


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One Night With... Roman Flügel

Roman Flügel (All Night Long)

There are few DJs more equipped to play all night long than Roman Flugel.

We’ve seen the German do it before at Wire in 2014, and we are thrilled to welcome him back for a second bash in the basement.

He has forged a career on a huge foundational back catalogue of 90s techno and house productions, released under various guises including Acid Jesus, Sensorama and the fittingly named Alter Ego.

Today, he has settled into his Roman Flugel identity, having written a series of killer albums (the latest of which came out on Dial in 2016) and appeared all over the world on techno’s biggest stages.

Come and get cosy with him in Wire for a few hours. We’re sure he’ll pick up where he left off last time.


Wire, 2 Call Lane Leeds, LS1 6ND

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