Electric Brixton announces DJ Marky vs LTJ Bukem

Electric Brixton announces DJ Marky vs LTJ Bukem

Published on: Tuesday 10th January 2017

Electric Brixton has another night of fire lined up, with a newly announced night on Friday 17th February bringing DJ Marky to London to head into battle with LTJ Bukem. Two heroes of the drum and bass crowds, the pair will serve up a barrage of beats as they go toe-to-toe in South London for this special event.

Hailing from Sao Paulo, DJ Marky brings a touch of that Ronaldinho flair to DnB, his signature upside down scratching having elevated him to status as one of the most exciting performers in the genre. A skilled technician with plenty of passion to back it up, Marky has been a star of drum and bass for years but still wows his audiences even after over a decade in the public eye.

Arguably as significant a cult figure, LTJ Bukem has gained similar traction thanks to his liquid productions and years of DJing out, with his raw but floaty tracks offering a real taste of the UK’s 90s drum and bass scene. Armed with plenty of tracks that you won’t hear anyone else play, Bukem is a champion of the scene and looks to surprise and entertain in every set.

Support will also come from Metalheadz co-founder DJ Storm and Tom Central, who’ll be looking to indulge his penchant for jungle. DJ Storm has been a key figure in drum and bass for the past two decades, and her selections are as you would expect of someone who’s been setting the trends for such a long time. A vintage night of bass music is on the cards.

Words by Andrew Kemp
Photo courtesy of LTJ Bukem

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