The Hydra to bring Koze, MCDE, Antal and Jeremy Underground to Printworks

The Hydra to bring Koze, MCDE, Antal and Jeremy Underground to Printworks

Published on: Wednesday 11th January 2017

A huge ten hours at Printworks in London will see DJ Koze, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jeremy Underground, Antal and more take to the decks on Saturday 22nd April. The day party, which will be run by The Hydra, boasts artists of the highest order, and will be a certain highlight in the capital’s spring events calendar.

Head of the ever-impressive Pampa label, wizard of weirdness DJ Koze has risen to become one of the best-loved DJs in underground dance music over the last few years, clearly benefitting from years of work as a hip-hop artist as he selects viscerally from house, techno and disco in his effervescent sets. Equally adept at deploying sweeping melodies, rattling rhythms or break-laced disco diversions, Koze is relentlessly interesting both on record and live.

Cut from a similar cloth, disco specialists Motor City Drum Ensemble and Jeremy Underground have been among the best curators of dance music on the scene over the last few years, and both are well known for weaving between properly deep music and lighter, more uplifting tones as they lay down the spoils of decades spent buying records. One of the truly in-demand DJs on account of his less-is-more approach to performing, Motor City Drum Ensemble has wowed crowds across Europe with his constantly surprising collection of obscure funk, soul, disco and house, and Frenchman Jeremy Underground is one of few current DJs that can challenge him when it comes to the art of discovering forgotten gems from the dustiest corners.

Perhaps less widely recognised than the aforementioned, Antal is revered by those in the know as a truly visionary collector of music, thanks both to his superb talent behind the decks and the successful Rush Hour label that he co-founded. A favourite partner in arms of Hunee, Antal follows a similar ethos by selecting wonderful tunes from all walks of funk-filled dance music, with house, techno, afrobeat, soul and disco forming the basis of his sets. Delivering the goods with a palpable sense of devotion to the music he loves, he could well be the standout in what is sure to be a night of superb musical accompaniment. The Hydra’s own Dolan Bergin will also throw his name into the mix.

Words by Andrew Kemp
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Underground

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