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Channel One

Channel One

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There are three artists with this name.

1. Channel One was a collaboration between techno pioneer Juan Atkins and Doug Craig (uncle of Carl Craig). Their main release was "Technicolor", which was released in 1986 on Atkins' Metroplex label and is considered a classic of the early Detroit techno scene. Influential for many later hip-hop and electronica artists, the track was also famously sampled by Sir Mix-A-Lot on his smash hit "Baby Got Back".

2. Channel One are a Dublin based four-piece who use a mixture of electronic and live instrumentation to create their sound.

The band are currently preparing a new live show to mark the November release of their debut LP ‘Sound to Light’. Self-produced and recorded mainly in their own studio, the album marries the group’s various sounds, with layers of guitar, krautrock rhythms, electronica and modulated vocals producing textures and melodies that are both filmic and familiar. The record captures both the intensity and ambience of the band’s live shows, making for a potent mix of the synthenic and the organic, the instrumental and the vocal.

Forming from the remains of various punk/noise outfits the group’s initial motivation was to recreate certain kinds of melodic electronica and techno in a live band setting. Gradually more instruments and vocals were added, resulting in many driving, hypnotic, wall-of-noise style live shows that earned the band their initial reputation.

From memorable early performances in basements such as The Hub or 2005’s Electric Picnic the group have gone on to play at SXSW in Texas, CMJ in New York, The Viper Room in L.A., Razmattaz in Barcelona, Popkomm in Berlin and various shows and festivals around Ireland and Europe.

In 2005/2006 the band released two limited vinyl-only singles (sold-out) 'Not For the Last Time' and 'Accelerate Brake/Fun Radio'. A free download-only EP (singles and remixes) was also made available. In 2007 the 'Permissions' EP was released to much acclaim. The debut LP ‘Sound to Light’ is to be released in November 2009.

3. Formed in 2002 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Band members include Corey (guitar/lead vocalist), Chris (bassist) and Matt (guitar/backup vocalist). They recently celebrated their 5th year as a band.

“Living through battles”, a phrase quite deservingly owned by Channel One. The band has undergone line-up changes, lawsuits and studio closures, all in the last year, and yet remained focused on making music that many can relate to and appreciate. Many bands before have folded and moved on in such circumstances, but C1 has soldiered on. Channel One was formed by song-writing duo Corey Norris and Matt Cook, in the spring of 2002, and has been making music ever since. Long-time bassist and back-up vocalist; Chris Ferris has been rocking with Norris, vocalist/guitarist, and Cook, guitarist, for years. Drummers have been a sort of rotating cast over the years. Channel One’s music has always been classified as emotional music with a heavy edge. Norris’ unmistaken vocal power and Cook’s haunting melodies, coupled with a thunderous rhythm section, C1 has always captivated audiences throughout Canada. In 2003, Channel One completed work in Los Angeles on what would become the band’s first release, which was titled the “Victory Ep”. The ep brought the band to many cities in Canada, and garnered a lot of industry attention. Channel One’s music was featured on many American extreme sports DVD’s and received praise from such radio stations as 102.1 The Edge in Toronto. But, in 2005, a relationship breakdown found the band without a drummer. Ferris says “It was tough not having a drummer for 6 months, but it gave us the chance to start over fresh.” Not once did the three remaining members consider folding. Instead song after song was written and recorded. In early 2006 C1 found a replacement, only for the studio where the band was recording and rehearsing to close, forcing the band to hault production on their debut album. In the summer of 2006, through an industry friend, Channel One was introduced to Toronto based Producer Murray Daigle, and the band instantly developed an amazing working relationship with Daigle. When asked about working with Daigle, Cook says “we had been aware of Murray’s work for quite sometime, but we had no idea that our songs would come to life the way they did with Murray”. “We started out working on one song together, to see how well it would sound. When that song was completed, we knew there was no way we could work with anyone else.” adds Norris. Once again after completing the three songs, the band found itself without a drummer. “We had all of these wicked songs building up, and there was no way this was going to slow us down” says Matt. “We’d been through this before and we knew it would work itself out” adds Chris. And so it did. Late 2006 brought Channel One and Murray Daigle together to complete Channel One’s (long-time in the making) debut album, “Living Through Battles”. After many demoed songs, the tracks for the album were chosen and the trio set off to Toronto to complete the recording, with a little help on drums from friend Ryan Barkwell. 11 songs were recorded in two weeks and the result is a diverse collection of melodic and upbeat songs. “Living Through Battles” was released March 27, 2007. We’ll see what the next chapter brings. They recently did a cross-country Canadian tour with Storm and the Balls.


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