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Buying his first set of decks at thirteen for £100 from 'Trade It' gave Clipz the outlet he was looking for.

For the last two years he had been craving to be part of the rave scene of the early 90s in London.

Friends had been sending him tapes down of pirate shows from stations like Don FM and Weekend Rush and he yearned to be part of the music.

He was given a load of old rave records with the decks he bought and for the next three years Clipz did little else but shut himself in his room and practice mixing.

At 16 he went to music college in Weston-super-Mare, and although he shouldn't have been there because he had no qualifications, his enthusiasm was enough for them to allow him to stay. After two years of perfecting his production skills, Clipz fulfilled his ambition and moved up to London.

In the back room of a small flat he started his solo journey of production but was still coming back to Bristol to play in clubs like Powerhouse and Blue Mountain. After just a year in 'the big smoke' he came back to the West Country.

'I realised how lucky I was to have grown up in Bristol, it is such an amazing city. It was good to get away from the hype of London."

When he returned to Bristol, Clipz linked up with South London mate, Mechanizm and the pair formed a successful production duo. Quickly snapped up by MC Recordings (GQ's label) Clipz realised another life long ambition - to play in Fabric.

Soon his tunes 'Mystic Amen' and 'J-Spot' were being pressed to dubplate by all the big names and Clipz was becoming hot property across the drum and bass scene.

Full Cycle showed an interest in 2002 when Roni took Clipz into the studio and they checked out each other's production skills. Clipz reached the end of his contract with Emcee Recordings and so was free to sign to Full Cycle. Having always dreamed about joining the label - Clipz reached his ultimate dream aged 22.

The prolific producer already has a discography longer than many and tunes like 'Cocoa' and 'Funk Physics' are already classics. Clipz has always striven to take his music to a new audience and this led him to producing his debut album entitled 'Livin Drumz' which was out in June 2005.

Clipz is currently working on album with Die which has already produced gems such as 'Black Doves' and 'Number 1'. In addition to this he has embarked on a project with singer Siobhan Watson and, of course, is DJing around the globe.


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