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There are multiple artists named named Clouds:

1) An alternative rock band from Australia.

2) A dubstep / experimental electronica duo from Finland.

3) A psychedelic band from Edinburgh, Scotland, active in the 1960s.

4) A doom metal supergroup based in Europe.

5) A rock band from Boston, United States.

6) A duo of techno producers from Perth, Scotland.

7) An indie pop band from Glasgow, Scotland, active in the 1980s.

8) A Polish synthpop band.

9) A rock band from England, active in the late 1960s.

10) A garage rock band from Los Angeles, United States, active in the 1960s.

11) An electro/thrash/indie group from Roseburg, Oregon.

12) An indie-pop band from Oslo, Norway.

13) A hiphop/electro producer from Detroit, Michigan.

1) Clouds was formed in Sydney, Australia in 1989. The nucleus of the group was Jodi Phillis (born in Australia and raised USA) and the New Zealand born Tricia Young. Prior to being in the Clouds Jodi was a member of the short-lived 'The Nu-Genes', while Tricia had never been in a band at all. They met when mutual friends introduced them at a BBQ.

Within a year, they were signed to Red Eye Records, having added Stuart Eadie on drums and Dave Easton on guitar. Later Raph Whittingham would replace Eadie, with Ben Nightingale stepping in for Easton.

Between 1990 and 1997, The Clouds put out seven singles (Hieronymus, Anthem, Say It, Bower Of Bliss, Alchemy's Dead, Here Now, Down From The Sky, Never Say Forever), 5 EPs (Clouds, Loot, Beetroot, Aquamarine Panel Van) four albums (the classic Penny Century, Octopus, Thunderhead, Futura), two compilations (Pre-Raphaelite, Collage) and numerous videos.

Starting out with a very strong pop element, their sound evolved into something tougher, darker and more experimental. The Clouds never achieved mainstream success in Australia however their records sold a consistently with Penny Century going gold. They had a large and loyal fanbase and toured in the US and Europe. In particular, Jodi Phillis continued to perform in numerous other bands and as a solo artist.

Part of the flourishing Australian independent music scene in the early 90's, that included The Falling Joys, The Hummingbirds, Ratcat and The Underground Lovers, The Clouds left an enduring legacy of articulate and gutsy rock and roll.

2) Clouds from Finland is an electronic music production team that consists of Tommi Liikka and Samuli Tanner. Tommi is a Helsinki native and Samuli comes from a small village deep in rural Finland. The pair met through mutual friends in 1999, and ever since planned on working on some music together, hindered by both working on various projects and shows of their own. The plan was finally realised after a string of coincidences and happy accidents led them to sharing a house in the northern suburbs of Helsinki.

Tommi is a veteran DJ and promoter who has been working hard to introduce people to the strange sounds emerging from the US west coast hip-hop underground, while keeping an ear open for various musical styles all sharing a common thread: bass weight. He has brought the music he believes in to the people of this cold northern nation by releasing numerous mixtapes, organising shows for artists he felt needed to be heard and by running his record label, Anti-Party Music.

Samuli has been producing and releasing electronic music under various aliases such as Ponytail and as part of the Dubbing Mixers project, as well as playing drums in noise/punk bands and co-running the Tuulanauhat record label. Samuli's signature production style, most audible in his Ponytail project, is a healthy mashup of lo-fi drones and sample-heavy cut n'paste workouts built into hip-hop instrumentals.

The combination of these musical influences is evident in Clouds - both members share an interest in the DIY aesthetic often connecting all kinds of music made with passion, not brains. And passion is a trait that overlaps any genre or style boundaries, leading to music that is willing to break the mold.

By 2006, Tommi was already deep into dubstep, and when the pair finally got together for a few fun and productive sessions trying to nail down the style, Clouds was born. The Clouds sound is like a soundtrack to the invasion of earth by little and green, but dubwise, aliens. It's a fresh take on the standards of dubstep, combining elements from video games, experimental music and hip-hop with deep melodic meditations and dancefloor-shredding basslines. Always keeping it fresh, Clouds tracks rarely tread a path they've previously stepped on. This has been noted by many of the scene's top DJ's, leading to Clouds being championed by people like Joe Nice, Geiom, Skream, N-Type, L-Wiz, DJ/Rupture and Tes La Rok. Not ones to leave the footwork for others, Clouds has also been travelling to spread their sound to various places such as China, France, UK (DMZ and Subdub among others), Russia, Ireland and Sweden.

3) Clouds were a Scottish psychedelic / prog rock band active from 1964 through 1971. Initially called The Premiers, and then 1-2-3, the band consisted of Ian Ellis (vocals, bass), Billy Ritchie (organ) and Harry Hughes (drums). As 1-2-3, the band had a headlining Marquee residency in 1967, attended by future rock luminaries such as David Bowie, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Yes, and King Crimson. Playing an early form of progressive rock two years before it became fashionable, the band were signed by Brian Epstein and Nems, but crucially, did not release any recordings, ironically leaving the progressive scene to flourish and leave them behind, though they much to do with influencing it in the first place.

The band was then signed to Chrysalis, and released three albums on the labels Island and Chrysalis: Scrapbook (1969), Up Above Our Heads (1970) and Watercolour Days (1971). Many headlining tours in Europe and the USA followed, but the band were unable to creat sufficient public interest, and disbanded in late 1971.

Only some years later, a critical reappraisal of 1-2-3 led to the band being properly credited as a definitive precursor of the progressive rock movement. Billy Ritchie (the keyboard player) was credited as being the first keyboard player in rock to stand and take a leading role, paving the way for others like Emerson and Wakeman.

4) Clouds is an international doom metal group assembled in 2013 by Daniel Neagoe. Bandcamp page: https://cloudsofficial.bandcamp.com

5) Clouds is a rock band from Boston, United States. They deliver unbridled action-rock harking back to the mid/late '90s Man's Ruin garage onslaught - which, in turn, owes its collective hearing loss to the likes of the Wipers, Bad Brains, Stooges, and MC5.

They say you can take the kid out of the rock, but you can’t take the rock out of the kid…or some shit like that. This is especially difficult when “the kid” in question is Cave In’s Adam McGrath, fearless leader and vocalist/guitarist of Clouds, an outfit that delivers unbridled action-rock harking back to the mid/late-’90s Man’s Ruin garage onslaught—which, in turn, owes its collective hearing loss to the likes of the Wipers, the Bad Brains, the Stooges, and the MC5. So you can see what kind of lineage we’re talking about here. But wait—that’s not all these Boston gents have to offer: From nasty psych and Southern power grooves to (believe it or not) “Party Grunge” and sax’d-out dub, Legendary Demo has it all. Unlike anything else in Hydra Head’s vast back catalogue, this is truly a revelation.

6) Clouds from Perth, Scotland, is a duo formed by Calum Macleod and Liam Robertson. With a sound that has seen steady development from frenzied banger to subtle, inventive techno, they have garnered huge support from the reigning heavyweights of electronic music, it’s not often that an artist can count a list of artists like Richie Hawtin, The Chemical Brothers, Marcel Dettmann, Michael Mayer, Sven Vath, Chris Liebing, Boys Noize and Martin Gore as ardent supporters.

Part of Turbo Recordings core of young ‘New Jack Techno’ artists, Tiga has championed their first releases, paving the way for a breakthrough year in 2013. A series of club 12″s entitled ‘Tannhauser Acid Works’, and a stockpile of dance floor weaponry is set for release on Gary Beck’s new label and Fifth Wall, as well as remixes for the likes of Hot Chip, and indie upstarts Blue Hawaii and Suuns.

Most significantly, the duo have just finished their debut album and it’s a brilliant and subtle collection of techno that comfortably situates them in the same league as UK masters Actress and Zomby. First listeners and key press have been blown away. The album is set for release in June, on Turbo Recordings.

Increasingly versatile as DJs, Clouds centre themselves with a foundation of powerful, big-room techno, but they skillfully incorporate influences that range from UK bass music, Electro, and House. In the tradition of the best UK DJs, they exhibit knowledge and range that is remarkable for their age. Watch out… Clouds are unequivocally one of the brightest talents in electronic music.

7) Clouds was an indie pop band from Glasgow, Scotland, active in the 1980s. They released the single "Tranquil / Get Out of My Dream" in 1988 on the Subway Organization label.

8) Clouds is a synthpop band from Suwałki, Poland. The band consists of Artur M. Janiec, who is an author of the music and Eliza Machnik - vocalist. Clouds performs synth-pop and downtempo music. They are from city.

9) Clouds from England was a late 1960s East Anglian band. http://www.davewagstaffe.com

10) Clouds was a garage rock band from Los Angeles, United States, active in the 1960s.

11) Clouds from Roseburg, Oregon, had a constantly changing line-up and eventually broke up in 2006. http://www.myspace.com/cloudsmusic

12) Clouds from Oslo, Norway. After having released albums and/or EPs as Lasse And The Dirtydogs, The Dirtydogs and Best Laid Plans, some new members were added and the band changed their name to Clouds. https://www.facebook.com/cloudsoslo

13) Clouds is a hiphop / electro producer from Detroit, Michigan, United States.


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