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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Coco is a UK Grime artist

2)Coco was a norwegian pop group formed by Christopher Higgins and Jørgen Riegels from Nesodden, Norway, and to a large extent featuring the dancer Arlene Wilkes (originally from Trinidad) on vocals. They were active between 1986 and 1994.

3)Coco was a girl group from Denmark that released the album 'Danseland' in 2004. The songs were mostly dance-pop versions of Danish children's songs and Disney music, such as 'Arabiens Nat' (a Danish cover of 'Arabian Nights' from Aladdin)and 'Min Kat Den Danser Tango' (that was titled 'Tango Kat' on the album.)

4) Coco (a.k.a ココ or CoCo) was a popular Japanese J-pop group that had five members: Rieko Miura, Azusa Senou, Mikiyo Ohno, Maki Miyamae and Erika Haneda. They debuted on September 6, 1989 in Tokyo, Japan with the album Strawberry which included the single Equal Romance. Their final single, "You're My Treasure" was released to the public before they disbanded on August 3, 1994.

Azusa Senou went solo in 1992 and recorded Mo Nakanaide (Don't Cry Anymore) also used in Ranma 1/2. CoCo called it quits on August 3, 1994. Azusa later retired from the entertainment business as well. They released ten albums over the course of their existence as a group.

5) Coco (Spelled as COCO or C.O.C.O.) are a band from Olympia, WA.

6) Coco (a.k.a. 318 Hot Girl or Ms. Lady Coco) is a rapper from Shreveport, Louisiana whose debut album "318 Hot Girl" contains a formidable female answer to Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up".

7) Coco a husband and wife duo from Canada, who have released three songs; Drain You - a Nirvana cover, Outside Jokes, and Drinking Perfume. They currently have no plans for further releases.

8) Coco is a band from Malaysia

9) Coco (a.k.a COCO STAR or Sue Brice) who features on all commercial releases of "I need a Miracle" 1997, 2005 and "Toca's Miracle" 2000 and 2008 (the Fragma remixes of her original song).

10) CoCo (a.k.a. Corrado) is an Italian rapper from Naples, currently based in London.

11) CoCo (코코) was a Korean music duo.

12)Coco (코코) is half of the Korean music duo, Cocosori.



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