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There are multiple artists who use the name Devlin:

1. A rapper from London, signed to Island Records.

2. A gothic metal band from Sweden, last signed to Napalm Records.

1. Rapper from United Kingdom:

It’s taken a handful of years for Dagenham resident Devlin to take his deep, dedicated lyrics out of the confines of East London and prove his worth across the North/South border. It’s now not unusual to watch Devlin causing carnage on stage in Northampton or booking shows in Amsterdam.

At 18 years of age Devlin has what can only be described as a cult following of supporters that value his intelligent and evocative lyrics, in a pool of MCs that all too often spawn monotonous and lacklustre rappers. A diamond in the rough, Devlin’s road to success began at O.T. Recordings where he still currently resides with label-mates Dogzilla, Shotz, Syer, Rachet, and Deverlish amongst others.

Devlin was first brought to O.T's attention when he hit the airwaves on a local radio station at jus 13; even then it was easy to see he had real talent. Devlin would go up radio as much as he could with whoever would let him on, he was also writing and recording songs with friends and local producers at a very young age. It wasn’t very long before he built up a good reputation in the area. A few years later he was brought to Dogzilla's attention again, this time by a mutual friend, Dogzy decided to give Devlin a chance and took him to the studio to check him out and lay some vocals. At the time the Danny Weed's (Roll Deep) "Heat Up" was one of the most popular tracks around, Devlin jumped on it and didn’t disappoint, spitting a high level of content at a good speed and at the same time displaying a style and flow well beyond his years.

Devlin was soon introduced to the rest of the O.T Crew and Dogzy wasted no time in organising a radio slot on Flava FM. Flava was a well known breeding ground for new talent, the management at Flava have had almost every big name in the scene on there at some point so it was the perfect place for Devlin to start his membership with O.T. The sets on Flava FM were massive, every week the phone line would jam when Devlin touched the mic. He soon made the switch to Rinse FM where he was an instant hit. Still only 16 Devlin had shown he could mix it with the big boys; he even managed to do a set with the legend that is DJ Slimzee before his departure from radio.

His relentless progression continued with each track Devz featured on. The combination between Dogzilla and Devlin on tracks was deadly and a freestyle from producer Rootz showed just how far Devlin had come, and in such a short space of time. The Rootz track along with eight other tracks featuring Devlin was to appear on O.T Recordings fist mixtape release.

The London Borough of Barking & Dogenham Mixtape was released in Feb. 2006 and received great critical success. (Check Blog - Reviews/Interviews). One of the stand-out tracks on the CD was Devlin's Ghetto Kyote Remix freestyle which was produced by O.T Recording's Deverlish. The track was played right across the board, from pirate stations like Rinse to commercial radio stations such as 1Xtra and Kiss Fm. Devlin has performed live sets on both commercial stations; with DJ Logan Sama at Kiss100FM and DJ Cameo at BBC 1Xtra. He has also appeared on The Media Gang's Practice Hours DVD and Target's Aim High, Risky Roadz and Rinse FM's Rinsessions mixtape.

2006 saw Devlin hit the shops twice with the O.T Recordings mixtape, vinyl release April Shower from O.T producer Shotz and Firein produced by production talent Rachet. Devlin also featured heavily on Broad Street Stories and the uber-successful Shot City Mixtape.

More recently Devlin joined The Movement; a group of some of the very best MCs and producers in the grime scene including Ghetto, Scorcher and Wretch 32. Tempo Specialists was released in 2007 and proved that the best MCs in the scene had formed a strong alliance.

Devlin's first solo mixtape entitled Tales From The Crypt was released in November 2006. It featured collaborations with O.T and The Movement members and was considered one of the best grime mixtapes of 2006.

Since Devlin’s first solo release, the young MC is gearing up for his second effort ‘Blood, Sweat and Beers’ and the Devlin E.P as the talented MC garners more press attention and support throughout the UK and Europe.


2. Gothic metal band from Sweden


Marcus Ehlin - Instruments, vocals (Siebenbürgen, Grand Illusion, Maledictum, A Canorous Quintet)

Lexi - Vocals



grimeuk garageuk hip hop

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