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There are five groups of this name.

1. The most well known are a UK dub duo also known as The Disciples, and a click there should take you to a more comprehensive biography.

2. Indonesian Christian R&B group,

3. Japanese electronic music producer.

4. South London trio Disciples honed their genre-splicing, uplifting sound before debuting with the ‘Remedy’ EP last summer. Subsequently championed by the likes of DJ Target, Trevor Nelson, Toddla T, and Cameo, Disciples have also remixed artists as varied as Robin Thicke, John Newman, Grouplove and HAIM.

Disciples will release their ‘Catwalk,’ EP on March 30th as their first release for FFRR.

5. The other are the Swiss rock band who've written the following:

The band

Throughout their 17-year history, the Disciples never were an after hours combo. The band is not a project, it’s an attitude, a passion to which all members dedicate a majority of their spare time. They are well on their path and should large success cross this path in the near future, they will also tackle this hurdle.

Matthias Schranz (vocals, guitar). Two musical personalities reside in his body. He works full-time as classical cellist and teaches at the Academy of Music in Berne. In contrast, the band is his outlet for surplus energy. He works the guitar strings roughly and his strong and voluminous voice is a guarantee for goose bumps.

Andreas Siegenthaler (Hammond organ, piano, keyboards, vocals). He thrives on broadly bubbling hammond sounds and delicate piano tunes and is at least as exuberant as the horn of his leslie amp.


The sound

Rooted in the hard rock of the late 70’s, the Disciples combine the heavy, epic sound of the then popular Rockmonster and the progressive and complex song arrangements of contemporary art rock bands.

The four musicians need not shy away from comparisons with legends such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple or Dream Theater. On the way to their own timeless style they only slightly touch their role models in a sometimes tender at other times passionate fashion. Be it 25-minute instrumentals, hard core mid-tempo bangers or moving ballads, the Disciples touch and surprise their fans with a fresh and hands on way of making music.


The production

As was the case with their past albums, aiming at perfection stands in the center of the production of their newest CD ‚Colors of being’. The studio of their first choice was the Disciples’ very own Eagle Records Studio. The songs received the finishing touch from the hands of mastering guru Glenn Miller in his Greenwood Studios.


The texts

Not incidental to the music, but carefully woven, inspired by concern for human issues. Nevertheless, the underlying tone is refreshing and optimistic. The message that comes across is one of joy and vitality.


deep groove housedisco houseedmhousetropical houseuk dance

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