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DJ Faydz

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“In two years of running ‘Can You Feel It Media’, Future Rave Anthems 2 has been our most exciting release to date, Faydz is an exceptional DJ talent.”

Slipmatt & Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter

"Faydz is one of the best scratch rave breaks DJ's this country has ever produced, I love listening to his mixes."

MC Whizzkid (The worlds number 1 Hardcore MC)


“DJ Faydz is what I call a ‘proper’ DJ, a true technical genius who intertwines classic old school sounds with up to date grooves. This new album shows once again why Faydz is at the top of his game and is a must have to any dance music enthusiast”

Joey Riot (Multi-award winning Hardcore DJ and Producer)

Without a doubt, “one of the biggest talents to emerge from the 21st century rave scene”, the DJ, Producer and hit compilation making DJ Faydz is an artist that has worked tirelessly over the last two decades on a finely tuned ear for a crowd pleasing track and a taste for the very best big room rave anthems from all genres of the underground dance music spectrum. Starting out in the early 80’s (still at school at this point), Faydz became a devout worshipper of the hip hop movement, and went crazy for the sounds of Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and the globe smashing Run DMC amongst other well known favourites, edging him to aspire to be an MC himself writing his own rap tracks and becoming quite the lyricist in his own right. When the early beginnings of the rave scene started to work their way around the globe in the late eighties however, Faydz caught the rave bug by way of a mix tape from a friend at school and it’s almost accurate to say the rest is history, little did he know at that point though that it would be the great hall of rave history that he would be making.

The early 90’s saw the historical rise of the behemoth that would become known as the rave scene, an ongoing social addiction that Faydz has followed from starting point and continues to do so today. Starting out by collecting vinyl of anything and everything that would inspire him musically, Faydz got hooked on the then new collecting frenzy that was building massive collections out of tape packs and live recordings of sets recorded at rave events that had swiftly made celebrities out of their resident DJ’s. Quickly becoming a fan of such huge players as DJ SY, Ratty, Hype and co, our man was quickly and instantly uplifted by the turntablism culture, mixing tracks live and scratching new and magnificent electronic music making for an experience like nothing he’d ever heard before. Moved by this experience and now a totally immersed follower of both the scene and the artists that dominated it, Faydz took it upon himself to start practising on a friend’s Technics 1210’s before eventually (after much graft on a Newspaper round) saving up and buying his own. Unbeknownst to him that it would be the first step towards a much bigger calling, Faydz took to the decks and made many a trip to Homeboyz in his hometown of Swindon to continue building a vinyl collection that would eventually form the foundations of some of the most fondly remembered live sets in the rave scene’s history.

Despite already being fully driven towards wanting to become a DJ professionally, if there was any question or doubt, this was quickly rectified after a visit to Fantazia: One Step Beyond (also a cornerstone event for many other now infamous artists in today’s scene), whereby Faydz was struck with awe at what was then at that point the World’s largest rave. The combined mix of atmosphere, energy and the UK’s biggest DJ’s sharing a stage to perform to 25,000 plus ravers cemented his lifelong goal, this was his future and his quest, make the main stage and share his enthusiasm, technical skill, passion for music and now finely tuned flair for entertaining a crowd with thousands of ravers just like the very artists he adored himself as a raver.

Quickly building skills, practising tirelessly at getting mixes tight, blending sounds and spending an insurmountable amount of hours working on his now infamous scratching technique, Faydz explored different sounds in different genres, always priding himself on the fact that music is music and genres can be blended (and well at that), Faydz built a CV based on good wholesome dance music and whilst dance music developed, split into sub genres upon sub genres, allowing artists to break off into specialist areas of dance music culture, Faydz continued his journey by not pigeon holing and continuing to hand craft a now two decade strong portfolio playing out every possible kind of dance music genre imaginable. A feat backed by his five year stint as part of hip hop band Zark 7 and an example of his diversity as a turntablist and Producer that was such an enthusiastic investment of his attitude towards rocking a room that would later turn the heads of the UK’s leading promoters.

Becoming ever more and more versatile in his choices and style, makes DJ Faydz unique in both his productions and performances, fulfilling his lifelong dream of globally commanding the main stage of some of the rave scene’s mightiest parties based simply on DJ’ing skills alone (including the infamous Hardcore Heaven, Hardcore Till I Die, Raindance, Raverbaby, Uproar, Helter Skelter, Ektos and Slammin Vinyl parties amongst others), something he prides himself on and is proud to say continues to this very day and no less providing for a further established body of work on a number of labels that has fast seen him now become in that time, easily one of the most talented forerunners in his field. This is a bold statement, but securely backed by the fact that his sets performing live every year in Spain at Hardcore Till I Die’s outstanding HTID In The Sun event or perhaps his opening set at Slammin Vinyl’s 5000 capacity packed Westfest Main Arena, sharing a stage with the likes of Darren Styles, Andy C and Pendulum; would attest to the fact that it’s a warranted description and one that many a raver in the UK and beyond would back a thousand times over, time and time again. As a footnote, Faydz recently returned to Spain to headline an event which was a sell-out affair further backing his now fully international following as an artist.

His recent compilation release Future Rave Anthems Volume 2 was a smash hit, receiving massive acclaim from industry pundits the World over. Achieving another major life goal with it’s release (to mix and compile his own two CD download set), the album was signed and commissioned by scene legends Billy Daniel Bunter & Slipmatt as part of their Can You Feel It Media record label project. The album, a mash up of multitude of genres, seamlessly blended into two smooth hour long mixes and recorded live on his CDJ 1000 Mk iii’s; went on to smash every respective industry chart including Juno, Track It Down and iTunes. The album further led to opportunities to work on various projects with the Can You Feel It Media team, which include locking down scratch infused promo mixes for leading urban artists (including Riko Dan of Roll Deep fame) now signed to Slipmatt & Bunter’s all new Slaughter House label project.

Faydz also receives regular support from the underground rave scene’s radio ambassador Kutski on his BBC Radio One shows, fully backing his new productions (including more recently his breaks fuelled anthem ‘New Style’ with Joey Riot) and was so impressed with his recent ‘Back To The Future’ 10 minute mix (containing a massive 60 tracks in just ten minutes), that he asked him to make it exclusive to his show on Radio One, which undoubtedly went down a storm. He has also appeared as a special guest on Slipmatt’s hugely popular ‘Can You Feel It’ show on Ministry Of Sound Radio. Further showing his unending flexibility, Faydz continues to entertain main stages around the globe en mass, with bookings seeing him play mash ups of varied styles and aspects of dance music including rave breaks, old skool, house, drum & bass, hip-hop, dubstep and hard dance - in some cases playing a broad spectrum and in others being booked to perform just one genre.

Always at the forefront of new sounds, always listening out for that something different, that something extra, Faydz combines this beautifully with focussed and almost precognitive crowd reading skills, plenty of energy, bags of experience, a tune selection like no other artist before him and an undeniably brilliant scratch technique. Without question a DJ’s DJ and one that many have quoted as undeniably brilliant, if you’re in the market for a DJ with experience, wow factor and an unmatched technical ability, then by one hell of a margin Faydz is your man.

By Jon Brown.

To book DJ Faydz for your special event or for further information, please email djfaydz@hotmail.co.uk

Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/djfaydz

Facebook - http://facebook.dj/faydz

Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/djfaydz

Twitter - http://twitter.com/DJFaydz


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