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Facing Jinx

Facing Jinx

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A few words about me could turn into a hell of a boring read so i'll keep it brief! Call me Alex or Jinx or Facing Jinx, whichever you prefer. The name comes from years and years of tripping over things that simply aren't there. Examples such as Imaginary loose pavement, curbs that seem lower than they really are, angry tree branches and the like. Facing, well that just means i've spent the past 23 years trying not to be a jinx! I started making music when my dad first bought me an old old midi tower and keyboard when i was 13. Everything was so simple back then it was simply plug and play. Sounded shocking but at least it was straight forward!! This started my interest in making my own beats. From that moment when i first played a note i really couldn't find anything else that let me express myself so freely without offending anyone! From about 15 onwards i wanted to be a musician, a pianist of some sort. Probably Jazz because the lack of boundaries Jazz music has. After leaving school i went to college to study music tech and discovered a whole new sort of music. Drum and Bass was still moving in all different directions when i first started to listen, i stopped playing the piano for hours on end and concentrated on listening to other peoples music. I tagged along to the local record shop every lunch time with the DnB heads from college just to listen to what they were playing. i realise this is far from short so heres the rest in a brief summary: > Worked at KFC enough to afford first PC and a copy of logic > Finished college, quit KFC > Worked on some tracks with Rendall, drank lots of tea > Took a 2 year gap from making beats, don't ask me why > Got back on it & Started producing as Facing Jinx > Entered the Myspace world in 07 > First release end of 2008 on Peer Pressure Records, Ready/I know > Morbid past 6 months > New Studio, Beats coming Thick and Fast If you want to get in touch just send me a message on here, or email me at facingjinx@hotmail.co.uk or aim facingjinx


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