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G Dub

G Dub

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Jake Carter Sub Zero and Adam Tindill Original Sin, otherwise known as Geordie production duo Generation Dub, are standing in the frontline of a new breed of producers who are slowly but surely rising through the ranks of the jungle drum n bass scene. Having cemented a reputation for energetic dancefloor cuts during their apprenticeship at the Formation camp, which enabled them to established themselves as a formidable production partnership, they subsequently caught the ear of a certain DJ Hype and have now been enlisted to serve alongside the likes of Potential Bad Boy and Hazard at True Playaz, Ganja and Frontline.

Born and bred in Newcastle, the duo followed similar paths before fate willed them to cross at Music College. Jake grew up listening to rock and hip-hop before being converted to jungle drum n bass by artists such as Goldie and LTJ Bukem, while it was the ‘Platinum Breakz’ and ‘The Prototype Years’ albums which brought Adam’s attention to the bass and the drum, before which he steadily moved from his parents 80s record collection, through hip-hop, hardcore and house. Their fascination with jungle drum n bass soon developed into a desire to become part of the scene, which initially manifested itself as a desire to DJ. During this formative period, the duo also developed a fascination with the tools of music production, which combined with their aspirations to play an active part in the scene, led them to enrol at a Music College so that they could dedicate most of their time to perfecting their production skills. It was there that, after ending up in a studio together and discovering their mutual love for smoking weed and jungle drum n bass, they decided to forge a production partnership. Contrary to expectation, Music College did not provide them with the necessary skills to produce one of the most demanding forms of dance music, so they decided to quit and refine their skills in Jake’s home studio.

Before their encounter at college, Jake and Adam were already DJing at various nights around Newcastle, and after they met, they decided to promote an event together called Area 51. Meanwhile, they continued to refine their production skills, using the night to test out their tunes and give them out to other DJs. One of those DJs was none other than Leicester veteran DJ SS, who although not yet entirely convinced by the duo’s productions, showed an interest and gave them the motivation to keep up the hard work by leaving the door open for a potential release with the Formation camp. The duo latched onto this sparkle of hope, and after a year spent knuckling down in the studio, Generation Dub got their first release with ‘Ghost Busters’ b/w ‘Monster Sound’ on Reformed, a subsidiary of Formation for up and coming producers. This was followed by the now notorious remix of Total Science’s classic ‘Champion Sound’ on CIA, which brought them to the attention of the whole jungle drum n bass community. But the track that truly placed them into the dancefloor’s consciousness was their first 12 for Formation, which included the awesome steppy beast ‘Body Snatchers’.

Caned by absolutely everyone from Grooverider to J Majik, ‘Body Snatchers’ was Generation Dub’s first anthem, and established them as a dancefloor force to be reckoned with. It also paved the way for further releases on Formation, including the excellent ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Sexy Beast’ EPs, multiple releases on Reformed, New Identity and the Months series, for which they mixed the CD compilation, and remixes for TOV, Baron Inc. and Grid. Despite a hectic release and DJ schedule, which has seen them play in countries such as America and Sweden, they also found the time to set up their own imprint, Propaganda, which they see as an outlet for their more experimental work under their G Dub moniker, and also a place for nurturing new artists, such as Adam’s brother Taxman.

Generation Dub are now about to embark on a new chapter in their career. After parting company with Formation, DJ Hype approached them to join his camp, and despite not wanting to get involved with another label immediately after Formation, the offer of joining a camp as prestigious as Hype’s was an offer they could not refuse. As they put it themselves, I don’t think there’s anyone else that would have made us change our minds all the tunes we’ve ever loved have always been True Playaz or Ganja and here we are signing with them. It’s bizarre, like it was meant to be. Now that they’ve found their spiritual home, Generation Dub are looking to take their music to the next level and to a broader audience, and what better place for this promising duo to mature than under the expert tutelage of DJ Hype.


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