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There are four artists named Geko

(1) A UK hip-hop and RNB artist.

(2) A LA based gothic band

(3) GeKo is Amir Ben David a Psytrance producer from Israel.

(4) An Australian rap artist

(1) Real name Hofida Abdalla, Geko is signed to UK based independent label OneTape records. He has had several hits including "Heartless", "Lock the Door" and "6:30". He's the youngest ever rapper to feature on Charlie Sloth's Fire in the Booth.

(2) Geko was a Los Angeles based industrial/gothic band formed in the late 80's - perhaps the only band comprised of two women and a drum machine at that time. Reviewers have called the music "fluid, dark, beautiful, ethereal, erotic, hypnotic... tough sounds that combine to create an introspective experience."

Sarah Folkman was the vocalist, bassist, and drum machine programer. She went on to work with various L.A. musicians and is currently working on a new project with Michael Rozon.

Carrie Mc Ninch was the guitarist and drum machine programer. She has continued her auto-bio comic/zine career, creating Asswhine and Food Geek, and is now moving into the travelogue realm.

(3) GeKo is a Psytrance producer whos music is very unique and powerful, night full on with psychedelic dark touch. His music is filled with psychedelic twisted melodies that create a unique and special atmosphere that cannot be found just anywhere. Sound that will reach your Psychedelic Mind and spin it into a motion that will make you dance to the dark beat until you loose yourself in it. Don't be afraid to try it for yourself!

(4) Geko is an Australian rapper from Melbourne, Victoria.

He's an enigma, wrapped in a mystery; immersed in weed smoke. He is Phil Gektor. A purveyor of a sacred Lingua Franca long forgotten. He arrives with a mission, a mission to impregnate the minds of listeners with 'The Horror'. This EP, produced by the elusive Ramzee, ushers in the new age of 'Philizm', From the ashes of Geko's tormented mind state, rises a new anti-hero. Welcome to 'The Horror'. From the ominous intro, to the final emergency call, the listener is taken into the dark deep recesses of a mind that should be examined for quarantine. Phil Gektor, delivers his despair over a dusty dark minimalistic sample-based soundscape, that compliments Phil's various and complex stylings perfectly. Featuring two guest verses from Crate Cartel cohort Flu - Aka Fluent Form - this timeless piece is a must have for Crate Cartel fans and Hip Hop heads alike.


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