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1) Havoc (USA)

Kejuan Muchita (born May 21, 1974 in Queens, New York), better known as Havoc, is an MC, music producer, and one half of the hip-hop duo Mobb Deep. He has produced most of the tracks on every Mobb Deep album, and has produced songs for MCs such as Method Man, Nas, Onyx, The Notorious B.I.G., Jadakiss, The Game, LL Cool J, G-Unit, Lil' Kim, La The Darkman, and Jimmy Mserembo.

2) Havoc (Brazil)

A Black Metal band from Brazil who released a demo in 2003 and a demo in 2004 and a full-length in 2007 called: Icon of Destruction - Atrocity Divine


Demoniac - Vocals

Evil - Drums

Hell Knight - Guitar

Itrasbiel Zuphlas - Guitar

3) Havoc (Canada)

A Black Metal from Canada.

Released 2 demos

Nocturnal Passages (2004)

Rise Of The Black Dawn (2005)

4) Havoc (Finland)

A Death Metal band from Finland

released a demo in 2006, then changed name to: Kholera

5) Havoc (The Netherlands)

A Dutch Black Metal band with members from Heretic and an ex- Insacris Nocturne member

will soon release a full-length album called: Worship Satan, Or Die

6) Havoc (Mexico)

A Thrash metal band from Mexico

released a demo in 2006 and will soon release a full-length (june 2007) called: Elimination Process

7) Havoc (Poland)

a polish death metal band, with members from Devotion, Mortar, Carpe Noctem and Goatlord

released a demo in 2000 then split-up

8) Havoc (Sweden)

a swedish Trash-Metal band, released a demo in 2001 and is now probably split-up

9) Havoc (USA)

Formed in 1986 by guitarist Mark Weddington, bassist Mark Lyerly, drummer Michael James, and vocalist Binny Orrell.

10) Havoc (USA, CA)

Another American band called Havoc.

A Trad. metal band who released a demo in 1984 and a Full-length called: The Grip in 1984


Dave Hughes - Vocals (ex-Iron Age (US))

Frank Rodriguez - Guitars

Mike Elwood - Guitars

Matt Hodges - Bass

Jeff Gfroerer - Drums

11) Havoc (USA, FL)

A power / thrash metal band from USA, FL

released a demo in 1988 then split-up

12) Havoc (USA, CA, Orange County)

A American Thrash Metal Band.

Released an EP in 2000

a Live Album in 2001

and two demo's in 2003

this Havoc is currently on hold but will soon start recording again

13) Havoc (Italy)

A Hardcore punk band from Italy

14) Havoc (Belgium)

a Jungle / Drum & Bass dj from Belgium, part of the Bambu crew.

15) Havoc (Sweden)

Metal band that changed name into BrimStonE after releasing 2 demos

16) Havoc (UK)

Short-lived punk band from Hampton, Middlesex. Formed in 1981, they had one track included on the "Riotous Assembly" compilation, and were never heard of again. Consisted of Akkers (Vocals), Lurker (Guitar), Merrick (Bass Guitar) and Boz Stix (Drums).

17) Havoc (UK)

Industrial band from London, formed from the ashes of Johnson Engineering Co., active ca 1990-91.

18) Havoc (Germany)

Havoc is also a german Melodic Death / Thrash Metal Band which was founded in august 2007. After a year where the band was playing coversongs, they decided to write own songs. And so they are at songwriting since the beginning of 2009.

19) Havoc (Sweden)

Havoc is an NS Black metal band - released "Legion" in 2000 - recorded at Necromorbus Studios

1 - Angel of Redemption

2 - War

3 - Ubermensch

4 - Havoc

5 - Morker

20) Havoc (Belgium)

Hardcore punk


alternative hip hopboom baphardcore hip hop

Havoc tracks

Havoc videos

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