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There at least six artists named Navigator:

1) Facebook.com/NavigatorWA



2) NAVIGATOR, music team from Belgrade, Serbia (Nebojsa of electro pop band INTRUDER and Bole of AMMONITE records) produces beats & grooves since 2008. blending the influences of soul, jazz, funk, space disco and electronica. The duo does a lot of remixes and performs as a DJ team and a soundsystem as well ... (http://www.myspace.com/bgdnavigator


3) Trio from Denmark and Germany. They provide a solid and enjoyable take on Berlin School sequences and other classic space electronica with a touch of prog-rock. Their music is filled with rolling analogue sequencer patterns, Mellotrons and improvised-ish electric guitar. Line-up: the Danes Kent Eskildsen (keys, percussion, guitars, flute and voice), Tony Andersen (keys and percussion) and German Jens Pesche (keys and percussion).

4) Navigator was a project by Braden J McKenna from mid 2007 to late 2009.


2007 Not traps poisons or guns could catch the old wise one, CD-R. EP

2007 Throwing Tongues, CD-R. LP

2008 Loop Dreams Volume 1, Digital. EP

2008 Songs for Mei and Satsuki, CD-R. LP

2008 Chinese in Love, 3" CD-R. EP

2008 Knuckle Sandwiches volume 1, Digital. EP

2009 Bad Children, Digital, Cassette Tape. LP

5) Navigator were formed in 1994. There were various single releases on the Norwich based Noisebox label (www.burningshed.co.uk) and an album 'Nostalgie' on Swarffinger. The band split in 1998, only to reform for a one off show in 2006. They continue in a variety of forms.

6) Prog rock/metal project from the UK. "Navigator is a prog metal project which draws upon many different areas of influence, from 70's prog rock, to power metal, death metal, and also philosophy, science fiction and history" - (www.myspace.com/navigatorproject).

7) Pop/Alternative rock band from Ukraine, Lviv. Formed in 2017, as rebrending ex-Carbon band. Members of the Navigator band are Orest Prus, Anton Romaniv, Ihor Libryk and Eduard Chaikovskyi.



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