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Needing no introduction, Scor­zay­zee is one of the most sought after and revered lyricist and emcee that the UK has ever produced.

Born in the year of the 1980, Dean Palinczuk aka Scor­-zay­-zee aka Scorzilla The Gorilla aka Rupert Brown mastered his craft under the mentorship of Trevor Rose and was brought to notoriety in his formative years as a member of the Nottingham based rap crew Out Da Ville. After the group disbanded, Scorz went on to record 4 mixtapes, countless singles and more collaborations than can be listed, Discogs hosting the most complete chronology.

From ‘99, Scorzayzee gained notoriety on the UK Hip Hop scene with Out Da Ville, his featured verses standing above the rest as he quickly became in high demand. He recorded a string of solo tracks that would become anthems in clubs and on mainstream radio. During Out Da Ville’s pinnacle he, alongside bandmates Lee Ramsay and Karizma were invited to rap live on Tim Westwood’s Saturday night BBC Radio 1 Rap Show; a slot reserved for the biggest US artists coming through on tour. Audio archives are available on Youtube and as you can hear, the Out Da Ville members far surpassed some of the biggest and best US superstars, Scorz in particular. The rep grew bigger, so to speak, and soon after Sco­zay­zee was voted 7th best rapper in the world by Hip Hop Connection magazine’s reader poll. This placed him above Tupac, Xzibit and Talib Kweli in the opinion of UK Rap fans.

By then, he had written and recorded an album’s worth of solo tracks with his two main producers Nick ‘Dimes’ Stez and Dj Fever. Tracks Included Picasso, Wishmaster, Even Heroes Die, Crepps, Archery, Want What’s Yours, We Dont Care, They Dont Care About Us, Driven to tears, Rupert Brown, Busy Road.

Despite critical acclaim and a now burgeoning fanbase, these tracks (some released on 12″, most making radio playlists, all of them loved by his fans and always demanded at live shows) were never compiled into an album. Team #KickStartScorz are now working to find the highest quality recordings of these tracks, with the intention of compiling them into a digital album downloadable with a code placed within an illustrated book of Scorzayzee Poetry and Rap lyrics. (more news to follow).

2003 ­ Great Britain

In 2003, during the height of the illegal, unlawful and abominable UK/US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, Scorz captured the zietgiest of feeling and sentiment that the public held toward the corrupt British Establishment. In the track ‘Great Britain‘ Scorz acknowledged that through the fraternal ‘brotherhood’ of Freemasonry, the corrupt Tony Blair and his consigliere, ambassador of the Rothschild Banking dynasty; Peter Mandleson were outright lying to the public about WMD’s and were knowingly using taxes to commit unconscionable crimes against humanity, including a chemical attack using white phosphorus on women and children. It was obvious to many citizens back then including Scorz, as it is now generally acknowledged by the wider public (now that the propaganda has subsided), this was an invasion that served only to further enrich the Banking elite of Rothschild and JP Morgan et al, which to this day they continue serve with impunity.

Produced by Nottinghams Bronx experts P Brothers, the track somehow made it straight into Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 playlist where he felt compelled to play it twice in the same show.

This was the post 9­11 era of government fueled fear propaganda employed as an instrument of statecraft to rally hate against a common enemy. (A philosophic corruption of Hagal’s dialectic, manufacturing consent for the use of extreme violence for the purpose of empire expansion). The newly coined meme was ‘The War on Terror’ and it’s targets were Muslims who were being black bagged without charge or warrant up and down the country. At this point, Scorz had been (for the past few years) learning the spiritual practices of Sufi Islam. With these elements combined, Scorzayzee became under fear of duress and justifiably so. A few days later, the Sunday Telegraph, one of the biggest selling UK tabloids printed a full page article (page 3) discussing the song and its lyrics provoking a parlimentary discussion on wether its should be outright banned.

In the months after that, Scorz fell from a great height. From standing on the edge of becoming an international Rap phenomenon, he reclused and fell into depression. He would write intermittently, and make an occasional appearance in a local no budget film. In poverty, his mental health began to deteriorate and for the next 5 years rumors circulated that he had quit rapping in order to devote his time to religion whereas in truth he fell into psychosis.

Hear the sagas in his own words, from his own perspective, including the early days of learning to rap and the rise and fall of Out Da Ville on ‘Scor­zay­zee and the S­ Word,’ a BBC Radio program produced and hosted by MistaJam

2008 Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee

In 2008 local film producer Mark Devenport hooked Scorz up an audition with Shane Meadows for his forthcoming feature Le Donk. Scorz, at this time still struggling with depression met Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham. During this lunch / meeting / audition Scorz rapped some bars and the Director and Actor realised then and there that he had real talent, far from the Ali­-G stereo­type of an English Rapper. Scorz got the part, both his and Paddy’s character were improvised and the full film was shot in 5 days.

Before Scorz was cast, the film was called Le Donk. Shane had no pre intention of bringing his role into the fore or including his name in the title. He and Paddy knew that they wanted to improvise the film and it was to be low budget. As Scorz’s role in the film naturally became bigger, Shane creatively ran with it as his potential unfolded and the film wound up being renamed Le Donk and Scor-zay-zee

In the same year Scorz recorded and released 3 tracks; Final Destination, Chemical Bomb and Busy Road. With no outlet they ended being sent out to the world via Twitter on sendspace links. Tracks with no metadata, no press releases etc, therefore the music escaped alot of his audience and evaded bloggers, press and radio despite being excellent songs. Now, due to their Youtube uploads have become well played favourites of Scorzayzee fans.

In 2009 Le Donk & Scor­zay­zee is released to critical acclaim. Scorz is invited to press launches in London and at Edinburgh, premier screenings all over the country and is featured heavily in national press which gave him his first taste of fame and a real sense of things taking off at last. He is a naturally gifted actor as well as lyricist / emcee and the industry at last seemed to recognize this.

Between 2009 and 2011 Scorzayzee released a series of singles and mixtapes online, still struggling with depression, he released ‘Luv Me’ in which he tells the story to his fans, revealing with humility and honesty that he had been suffering with mental health issues. That must have taken alot of guts. This was followed by The Starter Mixtape, followed up in 2010 with the ‘Raging Bull’ Mixtape. Forward 2011, Scorz decided to split what was culminating in an album into two; ‘War To The Puzzle’ and ‘Peace To The Puzzle’. the former being a mixtape where he exorcised and said goodbye to his demons, the latter bringing peace and finding clarity in spiritual wisdom.

During this time he had moved from the hell hole of a flat and got closer to his family, he had received support and began taking medication and began stabilising his mind. He had been boxing frequently, became fit and healthy and decided that it was time for him to make a comeback to the stage, something that his fans wanted so much. Dealmaker booked the Rescue Rooms and put a line up together of Inkrument, Cappo, Phi Life Cypher, Headlined by Scor­zay­zee the show sold out quickly and went it down a storm.

Scorz then began to write and record an album of fresh tracks, with his long term producer Nick Stez. the first draft of ‘Peace To The Puzzle’ can be heard on Soundcloud.

Scorz once again became destabilised by the pressure and poverty of trying to make it and withdrew from the game. Fortunately, he found respite and happiness with his now wife Samantha. He opted for peace over the cut ­throat nature of trying to access the music industry, safeguarding his enjoyment in practicing his arts.

2014 #Kickstartscorz

His story didn’t stop there, on the contrary, It had only just begun. Enter 3 die hard Scor-zay-zee fans and the age of Kickstarter..

tune in at http://www.scorzilla.com


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