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There are four bands named Standfast: 1. A duo from Sweden (see below) and 2. a former punk/crustcore band from Manila,Philippines 3. a former hardcore band from Fairport, NY. 4. a former hardcore band from Perth,Australia

1.Standfast is a two-piece Swedish band, formed in 1997 and comprising singer Suzanne Mosson and guitarist Patrick Turner. The duo are best known for their 2001 single, "Carcrashes".

In 1997, Suzanne Mosson, a back-up singer for Swedish singer Dilba, met Patrick Tucker, then a studio and tour musician, in Stockholm and decided to try their luck as a team. They rented a tiny rehearsal studio, acquired an 8-track recorder and a cheap red plastic organ and started writing and recording.

After a year, the duo decided to take a break. Tucker became a member of the Murlyn Music song-writing team and wrote a few hits such as "Because of You" by 98 Degrees and "Only For You" by Ronan Keating. Meanwhile, Mosson composed a tune that was to become "Shine On", a track on the Standfast album.

Mosson and Tucker wanted to present their songs to a record company in person, but EMI Music refused telling them to send a demo or "forget it". Two days later they called and said they liked "No Longer" and wanted to see them.


A former punk/crustcore band from Manila,Philippines in the vein of bands like Detestation,Contravene,Anti-product.Formed in December 2003 with 4 female members:Angela(drums) from For the Kids, Perpetrator, Tragicofinal; Magel(guitar) from No Description, also from Perpetrator, Almost 7 Years; Monina(bass) from Contrasting Minds and Krach & Dha(vocal) also from Krach.Two men joined the line-up later:Miong(drums) from Sablay and Diskontento & Selo(guitar) also from Sablay, Disabuse and Kill the Boy. They released one demo:Smashing The Walls of Bigotry and Shame


Another Standfast started in early 1998 Fairport, Rochester, NY. Quickly morphing into a ball of furious musical energy and emotion. Playing shows with the likes of many peers such as BREAK OF DAWN (there nearest and dearest buddy band), BANE, BARRIT, Drowning Man, Saves the day, One King Down and many many more...


Hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia.

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