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Test Icicles

Test Icicles

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Test Icicles were a band from London, England primarily influenced by indie, hardcore and dance-punk, but containing musical elements from a variety of genres. The band was formed in 2004 by Rory Attwell (RAARY DECI-HELLS) and Sam Mehran (SAM E DANGER), and later joined by Devonte Hynes (DEVMETAL), who was originally invited to fill in at a performance in Brighton and afterward became a permanent member of the band.

According to the label, the name "Test Icicles" is derived not from the word testicles but rather from an alleged practice of early man of "testing" icicles for strength and fitness for use as weapons. This, however, is extremely debatable — especially considering the fact that an earlier band featuring members of Test Icicles was named Balls.

The three members were and are additionally extremely musically active outside of Test Icicles, claiming to be variously involved in over twenty side-projects among them. Hynes and Mehran participate in a hair metal–hip hop fusion project, NLS Crew; Attwell is a member of several other bands including Lock Horns and Dogger.

On the 22nd Febuary 2006, it was announced that once the band had finished their April tour of the UK, they were to go their separate ways. Some claim it transpired that the Test Icicles were in fact founded for a joke, dared into seeing how far they could get. Domino were duped into signing them, and they soon realised the joke had gone too far, despite releasing some fantastic singles. Other accounts have suggested that the band never liked their own music, and had grown tired of the band. Along with a lot of other information on the band, there is a mix of fact and fiction.

Additional Info:

Raary Deci-hells has gone on to form RAT:ATT:AGG but they have now gone the same way. He now plays in Kasms.

Devmetal has had success with a solo project, releasing an album, also on Domino under the name Lightspeed Champion

Sam E Danger now lives in Portland, USA and is supposedly working in a local record shop. He has no plans to release any new music.


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