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The Emperor Machine

The Emperor Machine

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The Emperor Machine (aka Emperor Machine), is an italo disco / downtempo pseudonym of Staffordshire, UK musician / producer / remixer Andy Meecham (aka Sir Drew). Under this name, his début release was 12" "Pro Mars / SH3A" (May 2003, DC Recordings) and the latest release, as remixer, is The Rapture's "How Deep is Your Love? (Emperor Machine Remix Edit)" (Aug 2011, DFA).

Emperor Machine was born on last day of the last century spawned from a desirous and dirty relationship between an EMS VCS3 and a Roland System 100. The lust child that was not yet Emperor Machine was abandoned at birth and spent a solitary existence in the backwaters of a County Town, white noise and synthesizers its only source of company until a static storm called James Dyer caused a power surge that ripped apart the confines of its imprisonment and unleashed it through the drainage ducts of the music sewer until it grew and mutated into a beast like entity dribbling with energy. Like the proverbial duckling that it never was the beast ground down any resistance to its vile and apparent nature and thrived on the underbelly of the industry that could not speak its name. Emperor Machine forced its first offering through DC Recordings and named it Aimee Tallulah is Hypnotised. It then embarked on a series called Vertical Tones and Horizontal Noise. The series (volumes I to VI) then mutated into an album of its own with special precious offerings for those dedicated, to be released later in the year 2006. Emperor Machine is once again smearing itself over the studio soon to unleash again in the peak of the year that will be 2007.

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