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It turns out that Greg Oreck & Holmar Filipsson met in Greenland where they had both been individually exploring the worlds largest glacier. After their chance meeting at the summit, they quickly found they shared a common interest -- creating electronic music under extreme conditions. Together they took "Extreme Music" to a new level. Like Mr. Filipsson puts it : "We make music where no man has made music before."

Whether skydiving in the Andes, riding camels in the scorching Sahara or scaling the legendary and dangerous K7, the Thugfucker duo has managed to produce coherent beats and testosterone fueled productions that most people would never dream possible -- especially under such demanding circumstances.

Yet the Thugfucker guys thrive on it.

And their material catches the essence of extreme living. They can be caught djing and misbehaving at various clubs both sides of the Atlantic Ocean (Holmar based in NYC, Greg recently relocated to Paris) yet regardless of where they are their adrenal glands are always working overtime.

Individually these gentlemen have kept themselves quite busy. After living in NYC for almost a decade where he promoted and played at the various parties he's produced, Holmar launched Crack&Speed recordings two years ago with partner Jef K of Silver Network. There these guys have released over eight releases of what can only be described as "Music for the tuesday morning after party". Holmar has co-written many of these records under the various psuedonyms "Mr. Negative", "The Reykjavik Massive" and "The Spencer Filipsson Experience" and they have enjoyed considerable underground success. "The Spencer Filipsson Experience" (consisting of Holmar and Olivier Spencer") has done remixes for Pokerflat and Ibadan Records while "Mr. Negative" (Olivier Spencer, Freestyle man and Holmar Filipsson) has just signed an album deal with "Four Music" and crafted a remix for Telepopmusik. Their singles "Better Than You" and "Evacuate" on Fine Records have succesfully taunted crowds worldwide. Holmar recently relased his first solo 12" on Dirt Crew Records titled "Shining Hamburger" to rave reviews and in addition to "Thugfucker Records" is launching another label Manthraxx with his partner in both "Mr.Negative" & "The Spencer Filipsson Experience", Liv Spencer, January '06, first release, the new "Mr.Negative" single "More than a Feeling"..

Greg Oreck has spent the last eight years DJing around New York and around the globe. He welcomed the millenium in New Zealand with an 8 hour DJ set and has held the enviable position of official DJ for the prestigious Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. He has also done various productions and remixes under the A65 and Aksum monikers and helped run the LA-NYC based Red Menace Records. Other current projects include collaborations with Freestyle Man, Paco Guillaume, D'Julz and Dyed Soundorum as well as a downtempo album with Girls Against Boys' Eli Janney. He has a new residency in Paris with Open House's Paco Guillaume -- together they are known lovingly as "The Honor Society". He is also currently scoring a philosophical film about surfing & extreme sports for filmmaker Victor Muh. New singles from his solo project are forthcoming on Moodmusic, Dirt Crew and others.


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