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There are multiple Tobiases:

1. A drum and bass producer from the United Kingdom

2. A screamo band from South Dakota, United States

3. an alias of Tobias Freud.

1. TOBIAS Started production in 1992 Under the name TOBIAS AKA DJ FORMULA, he quickly started his dj career in 1993 with a residency at world dance radio. He spent much of the mid 90's working with Duncan Mackay (Primal Scream) Building on his tradename working within the rave scene and breakbeat culture Tobias released his first recording on vinyl in 1993 with the trio Retornym, since then has has siginings with Digi lab, Extent Recordings, EASY Records UK, Industry Standard UK & Physmatics USA. His style of production is authentic, a different angle and constantly evolving with experimentaion into unsual recording techniques. TOBIAS currently works for a University teaching music IT within the realms of LOGIC, ABLETON, CUBASE & FLSTUDIO gaining his PGCE this year TOBIAS is focusing on education aswell as a tour to the US and other major signings.

Although TOBIAS released a number of white labels on vinyl from the early to mid 90's his 2011 EP 'SHE'S MOVED ON. Showed that TOBIAS has progressed with the scene and will be releasing more futuristic dnb in 2013.

Tobias will be releasing another solo EP this year 2013 along with colabs Including the legendary Gappa G, John Physmatics and Genotype

2. TOBIAS hails from Sioux Falls, SD, and the mastermind behind it is the epynonymous Tobias. Tobias's first encounter with music began at local screamo shows in the mid-90s, where he encountered screamo legends like Spirit of Versailles. Some years later, Tobias came to recognize that all emo/screamo thereafter failed to live up to the heart-wrenching sincerity the mid-90s acts. Scholars recognize this as 'phase one' of his musical becoming, as this agitated Tobias much and would eventually lead to his musical efforts, recorded as TOBIAS.

TOBIAS is squarely screamo in its essence - Tobias is disenchanted, embittered, angry, and horny, and expresses his feelings in sincere outbursts over a backing musical track. Through his unrelenting emotional outbursts, TOBIAS is therefore a return to the mid-90s sound that Tobias cherished so. But in a sense, TOBIAS even surpasses the mid-90s sound. For Tobias is not afraid to express himself in any way: the lyrical content ranges from rants about the current state of hardcore punk broadly, the sport of automobile racing, and yes, his ephebophilic lusts for teenage girls. TOBIAS thus challenges and subverts the generally relationship and girl-problem themed lyrical content of screamo. Whether you agree with his rants or not, Tobias is out to reinvent screamo in TOBIAS, and we should all be thankful for his heartfelt sincerity that leaves one with tears on one's sleeves.

(3) The beginnings of this Tobias date back to 1999.

Daniel (drums), Peter (vocals/guitar), and Steve (guitar/vocals) were in a pop/rock band called All Day Long (killer name). Long story short, it didn't work out. But Dan, Pete, and Steve still wanted to play music together.

Thus, Heads Roll was formed. A hardcore salad tossed with cheesy metal dressing (oh, I fucking went there). Heads Roll had Peter solely on lead vocals, Steve still on guitar, Daniel still on drums, and newly added Mike Wetzel on guitar as well. There was no bass. Heads Roll played a few shows, recorded a few songs, and hung around for a while. But the desire to play something a little bit more poppy lingered.

Which is how Tobias came to be. The name "Tobias" is actually a reference to Heads Roll. Which is actually a reference to the guillotine used in executions. The man who created the guillotine was Tobias Schmidt. Hence..."Tobias".

The original Tobias line-up was almost identical to that of Heads Roll. Just a few instrument changes. Mike switched over to bass, and Peter got back on guitar.

After a few shows, it was decided that Daniel would sing lead vocals and play bass, and that Mike would take over drumming duties.

A 10-song demo was recorded at The Desktop Dungeon in Burbank by Tyrone Tomke.

Shortly after, Mike quit playing drums. Daniel's little brother Jake filled in.

When Daniel left for tour with End On End in the summer of 2003, Jansen Lee filled in for several shows.

Eventually, Mike landed himself back behind the drums.

A 13-song demo was recorded at The Desktop Dungeon in Burbank by Tyrone Tomke. It was mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City, and mastered by Allan Douches at West Westside.

In March of this year, Mike made a second departure from the band. Jeremy "Z" Zsupnik began playing drums shortly there after.

Tobias is now officialy broken up.

Z is currently a super smash bros. melee fiend.

3. Alias of Tobias Freud (Nsi, Odd Machine and others). Album out summer 2011 on Ostgut Ton.

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