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HI-FREQUENCY "Spread the LOVE 2014"

HI-FREQUENCY "Spread the LOVE 2014"

Sat, 12 Apr 14, 22:00 - Sun, 13 Apr 14, 06:00
UINION CLUB, 66 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, SE1 7TP
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XTC Radio UK is very Happy & Proud to Present! HI-FREQUENCY “Spread the LOVE 2014”

Many of you know me as TheBudda! If you do not! Well, Hi ya and Oii Oii !!

I have tried to cater for everyone in the Hard House & Trance families with this event. I hope you can make it and join me for my 56th Birthday! Its a double wammy Hard House & Trance Party! I have been raving since 1986 with only an hand full of years out of the scene

I started out as a DJ in 1979 playing Jazz Funk. I worked with Froggy, Chris Hills (Boom Town Rats Producer) Tommy Holland and many more. We saw the start of the first all dayer in clubs, the first Pyjama & Toga Party’s back then. The atmosphere at these events was out of this WORLD! Time moved on we saw, the rave scene form from Free Parties, Warehouse parties to the M25 parties to Club UK, Trade & Sunnyside UP, Fevah & Frantic etc. All done from what was the in thing then and that was RAVING! Back then all we wanted to know was; Where is the next rave! We wanted to BEAT THE SYSTEM!! NO TIME FOR POLITICS!! if you was there you know what I mean! Oii Oii !!

Time and technology changes things. People and new scenes form and we have to except that. New genres are born from what we leave to the new generation to exploit and make new! We now live for the FUTURE! Raving is a way of life! Ravers are Family. I see on Facebook people moaning at each other and posts about this one done that, and this is this, and this is that! Facebook is killing our scene! This is being done by us! The Raver, The Clubber, DJs, By posting all this negativity! Not good! It do not bring good Karma! For people looking in at our scene its not looking good for them to come and play in our playground! People should see us as a family! ONE LOVE!

All you want to do is go about your business during the day for 5 days of a week and then let the system stress off at the weekend! The best way to do that is with a bunch of nut nut ravers that show love and care for each other! This is what I want with my promotion HI-FREQUENCY! “Spread the LOVE” No politics, No crap, No fuss & No attitude! One big family that Have it LARGE!

I will only be doing a couple of party’s a year and they will all be about LOVE, Caring, Happy, Smiley Faces & Unity! Looking after each other, leaving any issues you got at the front door and taking a little time off from the stress of normal life (what ever normal is) I want to bringing back that little click into the scene that I think is missing

Life pressures can mount up upon us which makes us all very stressed and on edge. I also feel that the Fun of raving needs to come back. Raving is FUN and that’s what it should be, FUN! Party people never took things wrong or bad back in the day! It didn't matter what you said or did (with in reason of course) as long as you showed love and care!

XTC Radio UK Room

Playing Classic, Uplifting Trance, Hard Trance, Psy Trance! The HI-FREQUENCY Room will be Hard House (at its best) Funky, Chunky and getting filthy at the end. A night of progression with all DJs having 90min sets and 2 hours for the headliner! The DJ can take you all on a ride just like back in the day!

Sunnyside UP is in full support of this event!!

I would now like invite you all to come and party and rave the night & morning away! Join TheBudda for a party you will remember until the next one in 2015
HI-FREQUENCY “Spread the LOVE 2014” & Spread some LOVE!

Big Love & Huge ((hugs)) to ALL Clubbers, Party People & Hardcore Ravers Oii Oii !!

Budda ;- ) xx

Only Happy, Smiley, Loving, Caring people need Apply :)


Funky, Chunky & Filthy Hard House

★ Andy Farley B2B Wayne Smart (2hr Set)
★ Skol B2B Roosta (90min Set non classic)
★ Beat Jammers (90min Set)
★ Gav Filthy-Plastic (90min Set)
★ Jake Martin (90min Set)

XTC Radio UK

Classics, Uplifting Trance, Hard Trance, Psy Trance
Sunnyside UP, Fevah, Sanctuary, Gardening Club, Twisted plus more!
"You know what I mean if you was there!"

★ Steve Blake (2hr Set)
★ Stewart T B2B Mumbles (90min Set)
★ Jake Lloyd (90min Set)
★ Laura Mai B2B Graz (90min)
★ Scott Mason (60min Set)

!!**!! EARLY BIRDS SOLD OUT !!**!!

Standard £10 Tickets NOW ON SALE!!




Big Love from the XTC Radio UK & HI-FREQUENCY Crew!!
The old Skool Party People Bringing the love and happy smiles back to clubbing and raving for the real reasons! The Old SkOoL ViBe!!! Spread The LOVE!!


XTC Radio UK

Event Type

Club Night

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HI-FREQUENCY "Spread the LOVE 2014"

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