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LIF - 50x50: A Night at the Spa

LIF - 50x50: A Night at the Spa

Sat, 14 May 16, 19:00 - Sat, 14 May 16, 23:59
Lamberts Yard, 162-163 Lower Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6LY

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50x50: A Night at the Spa - Info

Harrogate meets Leeds for one night only as independent retail destination Lambert’s Yard hosts critically acclaimed spa-town restaurant Norse for an ambitious event showcasing the finest Yorkshire drinks producers including The Champagne Concept, Whittaker’s Gin, Bad Co Brewing, North Brewing Co and North Star Coffee Roasters.   The drinks will be matched with an ambitious fifty (yes, 5-0) course Nordic tasting menu cooked by head chef Murray Wilson and his team.

***Supplier Focus: Whittakers Gin***

Whittaker's GIn is made just 10.6 miles outside Harrogate in between Summerbridge and Dacre Banks on Harewell House Farm by owners Toby and Jane.  They have only been going a relatively short period of time but have already had to upscale production with the introduction of a new still - made in Yorkshire of course.

We visited them recently and you can read more here: http://www.norserestaurant.co.uk/yorkshire-gin/

I asked Toby and Jane a few questions on your behalf!:

Why did you want to get involved with the festival?

We wanted to get involved to promote local business and the outstanding produce that our area produces.

What gets you excited in the food and drink industry?

Innovation, small artisan producers, exciting dynamic variety.

What can people look forward to from you at the event?

We aren't going to dress it up; guests can look forward to drinking our delicious Whittaker's Gin either with tonic and a juniper/thyme garnish.

***Supplier Focus: The Champagne Concept***

The Champagne Concept are our next-door neighbours over in Harrogate and they provide the ideal space to enjoy a drink prior to coming into Norse for dinner.

Laurence fell in love with champagne during travels with his wife Gemma in Champagne's Epernay region and the showroom takes inspiration from the places you can find over in France, often cellar door style outlets. He has put together a list of very diverse and interesting champagnes and the opportunity to try them side by side really opens your eyes to the variety within the Champagne region.

I put the same set of questions to Laurence:

Why did you want to get involved in the festival?

As a new business we want to showcase our unique offering as an independent Champagne shop & tasting bar to yorkshire people who are into their food and drink. The Leeds Indie Food Festival is the ideal opportunity to do this. We are excited to have been chosen to partner up with Norse for the 50 X 50 tasting event as the style of Norse’s food is complimented very well by Champagne and the unique format of the event again illustrates what sets independents apart from the Chains in the food and drink industry.

What sets you excited about the food and drink industry?

The UK food and drink industry is an exciting place at the moment, very fast paced with huge amounts of talent, creativity and exceptional quality. I get really excited about collaborating with other independents in the industry to come up with new and innovative ways to reach customers.

What can we look forward to from you at the event?

We have an exciting range of Champagnes, many of which are exclusive to us in the UK. We will be pairing some of Norse’s exquisite food with some special cuvées. Champagnes unlike what you find in the supermarkets, champagnes with stories, variety and made by small independent producers across the Channel.

******Supplier Focus: Mark Perlaki - Sommelier, New Generation Wines******

Mark is a Harrogate resident and has been a sommelier at a collection of interesting businesses in his career.  He is a lover of craft beer, music and a huge supporter of the indie scene in town and beyond.

He moved to New Generation Wines as their Northern rep shortly after Norse opened and we have been thankful for his support before and after opening the restaurant.   We value New Generation highly amongst our wine suppliers and expect this to continue for the long term.

We asked Mark a few questions on your behalf!:

Why did you want to get involved with the festival?

Having spent X many years in hospitality and being informed by cuisine and the world of beverages, a regional food festival is a ‘Stage’ and a ‘Barometer’ to promote and gauge the health of a thriving Independent Community.

It’s also an opportunity to push the envelope and to excite palates. Consumers/Joe Public love opportunities to taste and expand their horizons, Leeds Indie Food is a key calendar event for elevating Leeds, as such events have worked for Edinburgh amongst others. What a great ambassadorial event.

What gets you excited in the food and drink industry?

Taste is a journey, a circuitous, desultory path of never arriving. Our tastes and preferences change and are non-linear. People get too stuck on the familiar. If we take Craft Ale, Coffee and Gin as examples, what is happening is a whole new universe of experimentation, refining, sourcing and cross-fertilisation of ingredients and their methodology, our palates are being excited as never before. It’s like an Industrial Revolution of Food & Bev. Breweries, Roasteries, and Distilleries are mushrooming like fairy rings. And this is supported by cuisine which is often experimental, and keen to fuse with wine and beverages. Wine is a constant discovery in itself, a vortex, there is no standing still.

What can people look forward to from you at the event?

Curveballs. Wines that are true to style, to region and to varietal. I look to stretch horizons, and promote some of the more unfamiliar. But pronounceable. (Perhaps). And to play support to the Orchestra of 50 dishes from Norse.

Leeds Indie Food

**If you are purchasing discounted tickets as a Festival Passport holder please note you will be required to show your passport at the event as proof of eligibility.

Leeds Indie Food is a city-wide festival of independent food and drink culture with events running all over Leeds from 12 - 30 May 2016. For full listings visit: www.leedsindiefood.co.uk

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LIF - 50x50: A Night at the Spa

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