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Liquifyah Presents: LOGISTICS (Hospital Records), PAT FULGONI (Live P.A), HUGH HARDIE, PHACTION & MORE!

Liquifyah Presents: LOGISTICS (Hospital Records), PAT FULGONI (Live P.A), HUGH HARDIE, PHACTION & MORE!

Thu, 02 Apr 15, 21:00 - Fri, 03 Apr 15, 04:00
The Fleece Bristol, 12 St. Thomas Street, Bristol, BS1 6JJ
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Liquifyah Presents: LOGISTICS (Hospital Records), PAT FULGONI (Live P.A), HUGH HARDIE, PHACTION & More!

Thursday 2nd April 2015
The Fleece
12 St. Thomas Street, Bristol BS1 6JJ

After a string of very successful events we’re very happy to bring you the legendary Logistics topping the bill at our biggest production to date. We’re touching down at the famous Fleece in Bristol, a venue usually known for showcasing live acts and stooped in a rich history – Some of the biggest bands in the world have graced the stage there and we’re very honoured and ready to be adding our name to the list. In keeping with the spirit of the Fleece being a live music venue, we will be featuring a number of very special guest vocalists including the immensely strong and instantly recognizable voice of Pat Fulgoni, a man that has made a name for himself as front man of the band Kava Kava and with his collaborative efforts with Logistics (Transporter), Camo & Krooked (All Night), Technimatic (Like A Memory) and Keeno (As One) among others.

Afterdark: http://bit.ly/LOGISTICS_AD
Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/LOGISTICS_TICKETS

As ever, Liquifyah Family members will be eligible for discounted ticket offers, just keep an eye on your emails over the next few days to take advantage of that. If you’re not signed up already, you can do that here: http://bit.ly/JOINTHEFAMILY


Logistics grew up on a self-prescribed musical diet made up of equal parts guitar-based compositions from bands such as Rage Against The Machine and down tempo efforts from labels like Mo’ Wax. Matt Gresham a.k.a Logistics, younger brother of Dan Nu:Tone, railed against the music his brother would listen to and finally acquired a taste for Drum + Bass through the Full Cycle “Music Box” LP. “That LP was like down tempo tunes with double time beats!” he explained, “I’d always been into stuff like Mo’ Wax and that album, particularly ’11.55’ by Roni Size & DJ Die had the same vibe that I could relate to.”

Having a brother already signed up to Hospital didn’t qualify Matt for an ‘automatic in’ and it wasn’t until he sent “Replay” down to the office, swiftly followed by Fabio and Grooverider picking up on the tune, that he got his chance to work on his own album project. Having just left college this was a great opportunity for Logistics and he made the very best of it, working solidly on creating masterpieces in the form of “Together”, “Spacejam”, ”The Trip” and “Release The Pressure” (the only previously released tune on the album) and bridging the gap between liquid funk, which, until then had often been a lacklustre sub-genre and a more exciting, dance floor orientated variety of Drum + Bass. It’s Logistics’ influence that has been picked up by the major DJs in the scene such as Andy C and Friction, and his anthemic creations have contributed greatly to the modern Hospital sound.

The LP itself “Now More Than Ever“ (released in the autumn of 2006) was a hugely ambitious project, restraining no less than twenty four speaker-busting tunes beneath its calm exterior. In 2007 Logistics also submitted his “Medical History”. Eighteen months on, having scooped “Best Album” at the 1Xtra Bass awards for his debut album, Logistics dropped his second long player “Reality Checkpoint“. Rammed full of genre-bending goodness it was heralded as a glimpse of the future with dubstep and electronica influences fusing together with the anthemic Logistics sound. 2008 saw the Luke Skywalker of the ”Future Sound Of Cambridge” drop the massive track “Cosmonaut” and feature on several awesome collabs with Commix and brother Nu:Tone, keeping sub basses across the land pounding for the rest of the year. Having been locked away deep in the Degobah system making tracks, 2009 was time for Logistics to unleash the full power of the force with the onomatopoeic “Crash Bang Wallop“, smacking dancefloors and stereos hard.

2011 saw Logistics busying himself in the studio, with his track “Closer” featuring on the “Fifteen Years Of Hospital Records” album towards the end of the year and providing a taster of what’s to come next. Lo and behold, Logistics is ready to dish up more musical mayhem in 2012 in the form of a brand new album project, "Fear Not". “We Are One” – the lead single from the album - was released in March, swiftly followed up by the full album "Fear Not”. Arguably more cohesive and ambitious than his previous efforts, the album covers a variety of tempos and styles, but is still 100% Logistics to the core. Fast forward to 2014 and the release of yet another full studio album in the form of 'Polyphony', a collection of some of his best work to date and is the kind of album capable of withstanding the tests of time. We expect some of these tracks to tingle spines and slam dancefloors for years to come. Sit back and enjoy the ride!


The future certainly looks bright for Hugh Hardie, with some big releases on the horizon and plenty going on in 2014. He's honed his craft in the studio over the past 5 years alongside running a regular Drum & Bass event in his hometown of Cambridge. His soulful Liquid style has gained support from some of Liquid's major players including London Elektricity, Etherwood and Logistics, so it was no surprise when he made his debut on Hospital Records earlier this year as part of their 'We Are 18' compilation with the immensely strong ‘Tearing Me Apart’, featuring the infectious vocals of Kyan.

Hugh's unique take on the classic, soulful Liquid sound could be described as a modernised resurrection of Drum & Bass in it’s hay-day and is capturing the hearts of Drum & Bass fans all over the UK and Europe. 2014 has already seen not one, not two but 3 releases on Hospital Records and also a release as part of Liquicity’s stunning ‘Escapism’ Compilation. He’s had tracks featured on 3 Hospital compilations and collaborated with Drum & Bass superpower Logistics for the opening track titled ‘Sure As Sunrise’ on his studio album ‘Polyphony’.

With a busy gig schedule spanning across Europe including Hospitality and the iconic Liquicity events in Belgium and Holland, Hugh Hardie is set to be the future of Liquid Drum & Bass music.


Alex Pavlou aka Phaction originally found his passion for music through drumming at a young age. He moved to Bristol in 2007, where his already growing fascination for drum & bass music was catalysed by the vibe of the city and its diverse nightlife. After learning to mix and playing out live with electrifying high energy sets he began craving a new challenge and sought a different medium to express his creativity. His journey into learning music production began in 2013, inspired by liquid legends such as Lenzman, Technimatic, Seba and Blu Mar Ten, he wanted to capture the vibes he had fallen in love with when he was a student.

While holding done a fulltime job he has been working hard behind the scenes on his production skills and has met and worked with some amazing talents along the way.
His first finished piece of music was recently picked up by his tutor and mentor, Arclight and subsequently the label boss of Liquicity. His debut track ‘Someone’ was released on the label’s compilation album Escapism Volume 2 and features the gorgeous vocals of Katkin Willow, an exceptionally talented singer following a similar dream. With many more projects nearing completion, expect to hear more from him soon.


Sam Percival aka MODIFY PERSPECTIVE is a Drum & Bass producer from Glastonbury UK, now based in Bristol, and is head honcho of Liquifyah.He's behind organising all Liquifyah branded events and also handles bookings for all the residents, as well as producing his own music and playing regular DJ shows.

In the studio MODIFY PERSPECTIVE can be found producing mostly Liquid-driven tracks although more recently he has been experimenting with Neurofunk and more bass-heavy, techy DnB. His Liquid has a very particular character, and his stooped in catchy melodies and harmonies crafted to stick in your head all day long from the moment you hear it and for a long time after. Influenced in his own words by ‘Any collection of sounds and words that evokes some sort of emotion’ he marries this ideology with his own lust for creativity to produce ‘music designed to inspire’. Guest vocalists often feature on his tracks; Stevie Brown, Esther Wood and even Sam himself have made appearances complimenting the backdrop of crispy clean rolling breaks, lush keys and exquisite synths, awash with beautiful evolving pads. He likes to make regular use of his ability with a guitar and bass recording huge, infectious hooks to use in his productions. The MODIFY PERSPECTIVE unreleased discography so far has gained support from artists like Hugh Hardie, Hosta, and Etherwood alongside other names big and small across the UK and parts of Europe. Since starting out in 2012 MODIFY PERSPECTIVE has had a good response to his material online reaching over 500,000 people worldwide.

MODIFY PERSPECTIVE’s DJ shows are always animated and full of energy, whether he's playing at prime time to a packed dance floor wanting it hard and heavy, or more intimate shows that require a more deep ambient Liquid vibe. He’s been described as being ‘up there with the very best of them’ and his technical ability to captivate a crowd is well respected by many of his peers. He always tailors his selection to what the crowd want to hear based on his experience playing out at nightclubs, gatherings and festivals across the UK and Europe. Highlights of 2014 so far include some very memorable performances at Liquifyah, Adaptive Bristol, Metalheadz Bristol, UKF Bristol, Winstons Amsterdam, Nozstock Festival, Tribe of Frog and Glastonbury Festival.

You can expect a host of new material to drop over the coming months and plenty of DJ shows for your diary ahead of the release of his long-awaited debut album later this year.


Having been involved with the Liquifyah collective from the very first event back in 2012, Sam Hiscox better known as ‘IMBA’ is now emerging on to the Drum & Bass scene as a Producer/DJ to keep both eyes on. Spending the last few years honing his production style by experimenting with many genres and drawing influenced by a multitude of Drum & Bass artists including Spectrasoul, Lenzman, Break, Kimyan Law, Culprate, Hybrid Minds, Technimatic and Koan Sound, his diversity of creative input is apparent in his productions.

Two notable tracks, ‘Departure’ and ‘Epoch’ feature warm enveloping basslines, emotive melodies and rich textured atmospheres and are a testament to his skill in the studio and ability to capture the ear and speak to the soul. But his sonic pallet doesn’t stop with there, he’s also got quite a serious Neurofunk and Tech addiction and spends most of his days in the studio making deep, dark noises for his more ‘headsy’ productions.

When it comes to conducting shapes on the dance floor , IMBA always delivers the goods no matter what the situation. He’s just as much at home rolling out soul-laced Liquid for 90 minutes as he is tearing off the roof with high-octane bass heavy monsters. Every set comes complete with loads of surprises in the form of his ever-growing library of home-baked VIPs of all the best Drum & Bass music that never fail to thrill those in attendance.

Pushing forward into 2015 armed with his fresh new sonic style, timeless productions and intriguing direction, IMBA is an emerging force that is set to stay on your radar for years to come.

Catch him going back to back with Liquifyah head honcho Modify Perspective featuring a special live performance from the legendary vocalist Pat Fulgoni, a man whose immensely strong voice has featured on some of the biggest Drum & Bass tracks of all time from artists including Logistics, Technimatic, Camo & Krooked and Keeno.


Jonathan Morgan, better known on the scene as ‘OCTO PI’ is a Drum & Bass DJ/Producer from Swansea now living in Bristol, continuously working on new material. His back catalogue after years of hard work in the studio is nothing short of jaw dropping with a huge arsenal of original material and remixes under his belt. His style can only be described as ‘Up Front’, with most of his tracks featuring immensely strong and punchy drums coupled with complex melodic basslines set on a backdrop of euphoric, evolving pads. He’s equally at home producing blissed-out, rolling, vocal heavy Liquid Drum and Bass as he is producing balls to the floor, techy-driven steppers. Having also worked in the studio alongside festival favourite and fellow Bristol artist Dr Meaker, Octo Pi’s infectious synths and pounding drums are immediately apparent in their hugely successful releases ‘Fighter’ and ‘Don’t Think It’s Love’ on Bryan G’s much-revered label V Recordings. OCTO PI’s sound is ever evolving over the years with his tracks starting to become more defined. His basses are getting heavier and his synth pallet is sounding more polished and he’s even utilising his own vocal talents on more recent tracks like ‘Dark Shadows’ and his collaborative effort ‘Leaving’ with fiancé Lady Tate.

2013/14 were busy years for Jon with releases on Complex Recordings, Download Culture and New State Music coupled with regular shows smashing dancefloors as part of one of Bristol's most promising Liquid DnB crews 'Liquifyah'.
OCTO PI’s technical ability as a DJ is certainly something to behold. Blending together a selection of the very best of old and new on 3 decks with oodles of energy and finesse, he’ll tear off the roof of any venue he plays in. Previous events have seen him play alongside the likes of Andy C, Sub Focus, Friction, London Electricity, Chords, S.P.Y, Loadstar, Break, Calyx & Teebee, Frankee, TC, the list goes on. He’s also appeared on the synonymous D&BTV after winning the Drum & Bass Arena Competition for Remixing DJ Fresh’s chart-topper ‘Gold Dust’.

During the summer months OCTO PI can be found gracing the stages of some of the UK’s premier festivals including the Spaceport at Boomtown and Nozstock Festival. One of the original organisers of Nozstock, his set on the Garden Stage every year hosted by Trafic MC in front of 2000+ people is always hotly anticipated and full of energy.

You can catch him on the night paying a very special Liquid Set comprising mostly of his own more soulful productions laced with a selection of the very best Drum & Bass music from the old school to the very new. Expect plenty of exclusives and maybe even appearances from one or two very special guest vocalists...


Michael ET, otherwise known as Michael Turner from the depths of Cheddar has been part of the Liquifyah collective since the early days. Now residing in Bristol, he is a DJ & producer with a passion for highly energetic, uplifting drum and bass. His sets are known to be extremely dynamic, with him seamlessly mixing between euphoric, mellow music from the likes of Technimatic or Calibre, to the darker and unrelenting tunes of Noisia and Mefjus.

His perseverance within the local scene has led to this young producer’s debut EP “Deepest Thoughts” which was released in 2013 on Bris Live. From here he gained residencies with Mutiny, Dirty Note, The Highway Code, Bristol Sounds and more.

With his production skills always developing, Michael has recently started to capture a unique vibe with his music. Tracks such as Eternal and Running Wild are a testament to his talent, and with lots of unreleased music on the way Michael is definitely one to watch this year.

You can catch him on the night going back to back with Liquifyah’s French connection Dialekt.

Hailing from Longjumeau France and now living in Bristol, Benjamin Roure aka DIALEKT spends a lot of his free time networking at Drum & Bass events and uploading selfies to Instagram. During the day though, he spends his time in the studio developing his style fuelled by his immense love and passion for Drum & Bass music.

After having spent years experimenting with different styles of production drawing influences from artists like the Prototypes, Logistics and Danny Byrd and also from his punk-rock background, he's now found himself firmly rooted to the soulful, jazzy end of the Drum & Bass spectrum.

Moving forward into the new year with his new alias and new found style, you can expect to hear the fruits of this labour in the studio in the very near future.

Catch him on the night back to back with fellow Liquifyah resident Michael E.T.

Hosting proceedings on the night will of course be our very own voices of Liquifyah TRAFIC MC, MC BLUEJAY and TWITCHEE MC

Thursday 2nd April 2015
The Fleece
12 St. Thomas Street, Bristol BS1 6JJ

Afterdark: http://bit.ly/LOGISTICS_AD
Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/LOGISTICS_TICKETS

As ever, Liquifyah Family members will be eligible for discounted ticket offers, just keep an eye on your emails over the next few days to take advantage of that. If you’re not signed up already, you can do that here: http://bit.ly/JOINTHEFAMILY

Get in touch:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/liquifyahuk
Email: info@liquifyah.com




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Liquifyah Presents: LOGISTICS (Hospital Records), PAT FULGONI (Live P.A), HUGH HARDIE, PHACTION & MORE!

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