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Pengeparty "Spring is in the Air" 2014 Launch @ McQueen

Pengeparty "Spring is in the Air" 2014 Launch @ McQueen

McQueen, London
Sat, 05 Apr 14, 20:00 - Sun, 06 Apr 14, 04:00
map-pinMcQueen, 55-60 Tabernacle St, London EC2A 4AA, London, EC2A 4AA
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Pengeparty "Spring is in the Air" 2014 Launch @ McQueen

Winner of the 2013 Cannes Fashion TV Nightlife Award “Best London Venue”

Winner of the 2013 London Bar and Club Award for “Best Bar”

8pm until 3am, Saturday 5th April 2014

2014 Dates:- 3rd May, 7th Jun, 26th Jul, 9th Aug, 13th Sept, 11th Oct, 6th Nov, 13th Dec

A combination of a hectic 2013 Pengeparty schedule, an extended Christmas party season and, what could only have been qualified as an amazingly memorable New Year’s Eve blow out at the Record Club, the party wrapped up around 8am. Following Dj’s Tim Spins, Stevie P and Jason Lorimer extended pure vinyl junkie musical journey, assisted by a percussive fix provided by Jim Butler, which at many points had a room full of hands in the air it seemed natural after that climax, to leave everyone with a Pengeparty fix large enough to carry them through a few of months of forced rehab.

It’s not often we feel the need to take a side step out of the fast lane, however come January this year, that seemed the most sensible plan, allowing some valued hibernation time, recharging karmic batteries and taking time out to focus on planning a year of monthly London Pengeparty dates. By locking them down and having nearly all of them set in stone you can now feel free to fill in your annual diaries knowing exactly where you can make your guest appearances.

Admittedly, at this point in time we still in silent anticipation of a few new venues to be completed which we’re planning to introduce, however wanting to stay as cutting edge as we can in delivering the highest standards, some of them are still in the process of being constructed. Needless to say having seen the plans we’re confident they will live up to expectations.

This unfortunately will always be one of the challenges of pioneering such standards, relying on the finest London venues to launch and quickly get up to service expectations as we have over the last decade. However it certainly keeps us on our toes, and conscious of the difficult task in hand – keeping you as a discerning Pengeparty member happy!

Finding establishments which go onto win awards takes a certain amount of psychic power and gut instinct, something generally everyone casually takes for granted. Never wanting to compromise on the level of venues, we’re inviting you behind the scenes of the meetings we have ongoing and will always be focused on working with the venues, making the improvements we feel are required to keep them at the top of the pile.

McQueen is just such a venue we’ve kept under our wing for that simple reason. Having worked closely with the owner and his key members of staff it’s consistently won style and service awards consecutively year after year. Your feedback is as valuable for them delivering world class levels of service.

The challenge on the flip side is that working with award winning venues considerably narrows our options, when trying to find similarly designed and operated establishments, we’re almost at the point of accepting that an alternative option to hunting in London, seems to be, to look further afield, in our search to keep you delivering satisfaction and entertainment! Award winning venues are simply like gold dust, a culmination of a lifetime of industry dedication and perfected only by consistently and relentlessly striving for excellence.

Fast approaching two decades of such behaviour and generally blowing the doors off most venues we happily collide with, the last few years have been about consolidation. Therefore we’re looking forward to 2014, as being the year of nurtured growth, exploring new opportunities around the world and not forgetting the primary goal of delivering sexy parties full of beautiful people inside and out.

Having explored foreign territories in past years with parties in Marbella, Verbier, Ibiza and Miami, we’re feeling that this year is the year to reinitiate the idea of some parties abroad. We are certain many of you will happily pack a bag and come experience what’s on offer in other outstanding venues abroad – primarily in the sun.

One date always to look forward to as a special date in the diary is our annual birthday. In years gone by, this has seen an element of flex based on the powers of the universe, and obviously the alignment of planets, moons and stars and this year it looks like it is going to fall on 7thJune (TBC) although the celebrations could quite easily spill over into August once we find that suitable venue – we’ll nail that one to the mast.

Now we’re over eighteen and this year will be celebrating our 19th Birthday, we’ve taken on board that the world is our oyster, albeit with the political unrest in Eastern Europe, as much as we love an explosive night out, Ukraine probably isn’t up there on our lists of priority destinations.

Our belief is that music has the power to unite the world and love not war is always the way forward, something Paul Hardcastle reinforced in his lyrics in his hit song n-n-n-n-nineteen,. Following n-n-n-n-nineteen years of focused, loving parties we’re still planning on many more! We guess nineteen years can be considered a lifetime and puts us way up there as a party organisation as a notable survival achievement when comparable to those Vietnam vets whose average age at the time, was n-n-n-n-nineteen

So it’s time to start beating the drums to wake you all up out of your hibernation and encourage you all to sign yourselves out of rehab come 1st April. Getting yourself revved up and ready for our opening party of the year on Saturday 5th April is all that needs to concern you at this moment in time.

We’re kicking off back at McQueen, at which our parties have been going from strength to strength. We have 6 events scheduled there this year, leaving space for us to mix in some variation and new venues along with focusing some energy on developing those interests abroad.


Rest assured here in London, come the 5th April, London will be full of those sweet spring harmonies, guaranteed to make you feel happy so the last place you’ll want to be is on your sofa sat at home. Your presence is required to help us hit those expected standards of our first party of the year. On the DJ roster we have lined up our A-team of Pengeparty residents to rock both the Lounge and Club at McQueen. Tim Spins and Ricksta will be taking you on a musical education, both with house music collections, spanning two decades of London’s best underground club dance tracks. Downstairs in the club we have Rupert Jacks, Marble, and Jason Lorimer pumping it up with the finest house, accompanied by Nickyboy on percussion. So Rock on Saturday 5th April – after such a rejuvenated break we are secretly excited about this one!

If you are thinking about booking a VIP table be warned all 18 tables throughout the venue were sold out prior to the night, so if you are with a group, who wish to benefit from avoiding waiting for drinks at the bar and take advantage of the waitress service at McQueen don’t delay in getting your table booked. ViP tables in the Lounge have a minimum spend of £250 for groups of 6 – 10.

Downstairs in the club have VIP tables in the club available for groups of 2-15. VIP invites will offer fast track entry absolutely no queuing and the option of having VIP waitress bottle service all night. There are 2 tables of 2-8 with a minimum spend of £350 and then 8 tables for 6-15 with a minimum spend of £500 available. Don’t delay in calling to reserve your table as we always are booked out come the night of our party!

The Pengeparty Springtime Team

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Pengeparty "Spring is in the Air" 2014 Launch @ McQueen

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