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Hannah Wants
Hannah Wants
Canal Mills, Leeds
Sat, 25th Feb 2017, 22:00 - Sun, 26th Feb 2017, 05:00
map-pinBrandon Street, Leeds, LS12 2ED

Hannah Wants at Canal Mills, Leeds

Hannah Wants has announced a new concept - PLAY. PLAY is a dark, raw and authentic tour, which will project Hannah’s artistic progression and prospective musical vision. Maintaining her bass house roots but exhibiting her developing style, the night will be diverse with some surprise elements along the way. Prepare for evolved production, electrifying stand-out visuals contrasted with a grungy and intense atmosphere. PLAY will take over the mind of ravers absorbing them deep into the emotion of the music; which is after all, what it’s all about. An elite selection of new and established DJs have been chosen by Hannah to showcase their skills alongside her across the tour. Promising to unveil new talent as well as highlight credible artists, is sure to bring a series of revolutionary raves for her fans to enjoy. 

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Event Flyer


Canal Mills

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Club Night

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Canal Mills
Brandon Street, Leeds, LS12 2ED
United Kingdom