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Supa Dupa Fly x Santorini
Supa Dupa Fly x Santorini

About Supa Dupa Fly x Santorini

London RnB and garage party Supa Dupa Fly has been one of the star figures in the city’s urban music scene in recent years, and so their annual trips to the beautiful island of Santorini are unsurprisingly considered near-unmissable events. Combining the same sounds that make Supa Dupa Fly a consistent sellout with the summer climate of a Greek holiday island, Supa Dupa Fly x Santorini offers a luxurious style of partying reserved for only the very best locations.

About Supa Dupa Fly x Santorini (continued)

Known for its pristine mix of blue seas and golden shores, Santorini is a perfect destination for anyone who enjoys extremely fresh seafood in swanky restaurants or lounging on world-class beaches, and with beautiful natural landscapes featuring volcanoes, caves and seaside views, there are plenty of spectacular party locations for the Supa Dupa Fly crew to work their magic on. Take the VIP villas, huge swimming pools and fantastic selection of high-end artists into consideration and you’re probably looking at one of the most enticing festivals you’ll find anywhere in Europe.

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Supa Dupa Fly x Santorini