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How can I print my E-ticket? chevron-right

Junkyard Golf

How can I make a group booking?chevron-right
when does my time slot start?chevron-right
Why does my confirmation have a different time to what I booked on it?chevron-right
We've booked but now we need extra tickets?chevron-right
How do I request a VAT receipt?chevron-right

Payment Plan

How can I update my card on my payment plan order?chevron-right
What happens if my payment is not successful?chevron-right
How can I cancel Payment Plan?chevron-right
Can I change my delivery method?chevron-right
When will my tickets be delivered?chevron-right
If I cancel my Payment Plan, will the money paid be refunded?chevron-right


Where are my tickets?chevron-right
Can I change my address?chevron-right
When will my tickets be delivered?chevron-right
Why has my friend received their ticket, and I haven’t?chevron-right
My order hasn’t arrived in time, what do I do?chevron-right
Where is the Box Office?chevron-right


I cannot see my order in my account, what should I do?chevron-right
How can I change my e-mail address?chevron-right
I've forgotten my password?chevron-right
I've forgotten my username, what should I do?chevron-right

My order

Can I order tickets over the phone?chevron-right
The event has been cancelled or postponed, what can I do?chevron-right
I’ve ordered my tickets to come in the post, can I change these to e-tickets?chevron-right
I’ve entered the incorrect e-mail address, what should I do?chevron-right
I haven’t received my order confirmation, what do I do?chevron-right
Can I have a refund?chevron-right
Can I have my Refund Protection refunded?chevron-right
Can I sell my ticket?chevron-right
Can I change the name on my ticket?chevron-right
Can I have my tickets separately, rather than as one?chevron-right
What should I do if I’ve lost my ticket?chevron-right
How can I see my booking details?chevron-right
What is the booking fee?chevron-right
How do I know if my order has generated?chevron-right