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5 electronic acts to catch at Field Day 2016

5 electronic acts to catch at Field Day 2016

Field Day in London’s Victoria Park will play host to a wealth of talent on the 11th and 12th of June, with a phenomenally well balanced lineup presenting some of the most gifted creative talents to perform in the capital this summer. Comprised of DJs, live shows and full band performances from a vast array of genres, the weekend will provide music for the feet and the soul. Having spent some time admiring the list of what’s to come, Ticket Arena has picked out five electronic acts that you won’t want to miss. 

Bulgaria isn’t exactly famous for producing electronic musicians, but KiNK would be a national treasure regardless of the colour his passport. A technical wizard with the consuming and infectious energy of a puppy on prime Colombian coffee, KiNK’s semi-improvised live sets are probably among the best you’ll find anywhere in the world. Diving through house and techno with an outrageous affection for acid frenzies and slamming breaks, KiNK is a musical explorer and a charismatic tour guide. See his Boiler Room Moscow if you need further persuasion.

Floating Points
Perhaps not as strictly ‘electronic’ as some of the others on the list, FloPo’s sets with a live band are nonetheless an important stop in your Field Day trip. Performing tracks from the producer and DJ extraordinaire’s magnificent album Elaenia, a full string, wind and percussion accompaniment will join Sam Shepherd as he sits between numerous synthesisers, pianos and sequencers to recreate the absorbing jazz of his masterpiece composition. 

Red Axes
Are there two words better-designed to elicit beaming smiles from summer party goers than ‘funky electro’? I haven’t done the research, but I’ll stick my neck out and say that there shouldn’t be. Red Axes might well agree, if the Tel Aviv duo’s cocktail of out there electronica and jerky bass licks is to be believed. 

Roman Flügel
Creativity often flows when art and science overlap, and Flügel’s experimental approach to techno and house has been great testament to that for decades. Consistently creating astounding musical pieces - whether edits, original tracks or DJ sets - Flügel is a veteran of his industry but deals with his art as if fuelled by the unrestricted mind of someone making their first steps into music. Elegant in dealing with a multitude of genres, Flügel could turn anything into the perfect dance track, or turn any dance into an out of body and other worldly experience.

Gold Panda
Few producers treat their compositions with such care as Gold Panda, whose electronic soundscapes are often suited to a warming dancefloor and a quiet evening at home in equal measure. The intricate binding of trebly melodies is a strong feature of his pieces, but the warmth of his sounds and the roundness of his higher frequencies prevents them from ever jarring, instead appearing to forego convention with admirable effortlessness. Glitchy and trippy, Gold Panda is served best as the sunlight starts to bow out.

Field Day takes to London's Victoria Park across the weekend 1th & 12th June.

Words by Andrew Kemp
Photos courtesy of Gold Panda

5 electronic acts to catch at Field Day 2016

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