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[Event Review] Apollonia at Mint Club

[Event Review] Apollonia at Mint Club

Apollonia - consisting of Parisians Dan Ghenacia, Shonky and Dyed Soundorom - has been  a household name in the world of dance music since the three friends launched the imprint just over two years ago. Having played together worldwide at parties such as Circoloco and appearing at countless festivals both in the UK and outside, their extended back to back sets have been highlights of any line up. Last Saturday they landed in Leeds to play System at Mint Club for a glorious 6 hours, continuing on the string of ever impressive shows these promoters have been putting on for us.

As they were due to play their extended set they were already a few minutes in when we arrived at the club just after midnight. We got straight into it and so had everyone else it seemed. There was no shortage of noise coming from the crowd as shouts and screams were projected forward at every moment of musical climax, lighting up the Frenchmen’s faces. It’s common knowledge that these three regularly play at the best clubs and parties worldwide, so to see them enjoying themselves so much was a great sight, no doubt fuelling our hands and feet even more.

The first few hours of rotation were filled with the typical sound that gels the trio together, enabling them to destroy dance floors wherever they go. Dyed’s records spilled french house grooves over the walls of the booth which were met with Shonky’s driving beats, never losing energy. Into the third hour after an earthy organ faded out of the mix, Ghenacia played a track that turned the whole place upside down. A vocal shouted the words: ‘Snare…’, then ‘….Bass’, before the bass dropped into a beat as heavy and punchy as they come, and naturally the whole room went mental. During these first three hours I was solidly locked into the groove at the front and didnt move once. I don’t think I’ve grinned for so long in my life.

After getting a bit too warm had us nip outside for a breather we got back in to hear the sound turning a little deeper, touching. Elements of disco and funk that oozed sexiness took it down for a few tracks (but not too much) before the heat was turned up again. Hearing timeless classics fold into other tracks that we will probably never have the pleasure of owning kept the sounds unique and interesting. Seeing three DJ’s play back to back in this way is a great prospect and it’s reassuring to know you will never hear the same set again.

Into the final hour the consistence in drive and energy was still there, and I have no doubt they could have gone on and on, but the night eventually wound to an end. It won’t be long (I hope) before Apollonia return, but until then…. Vive la France!

mint club leeds

Review by Josh Plews
Images courtesy of CG Photography

[Event Review] Apollonia at Mint Club

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