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[Event Review] Back to Basics 21st Birthday Part

[Event Review] Back to Basics 21st Birthday Part

There isn't really much to else to be said that already hasn't been said about Back to Basics. I know this from my 5 years of living in Leeds and from also attending their 19th and 20th birthday events. Furthermore, attending the first portrayal of

There isn't really much to else to be said that already hasn't been said about Back to Basics. I know this from my 5 years of living in Leeds and from also attending their 19th and 20th birthday events. Furthermore, attending the first portrayal of their 21st birthday with Basement Jaxx earlier in the month. Not just your run of the mill house event but a landmark soiree in the world of clubbing. Looking back at my first review at The Warehouse it's not just an event more more a way of life for a Saturday night. However the second party was to be more about a showcase of intimacy and old school ethics from back in the brand's roots rather than a light show of extravagance and big hitting bass.


There was no more of a fitting venue than The Garage. The club has barely been on the map for a year and has already had a plethora of talent from around the globe hitting the unique booth of the underground dwelling. Not just that, it has been nominated as best small club in DJ Mag's Best of British within the same league as the Sub Club, a legend in its own right. The main room is created with a DJ booth from what can only be described as a 1964 shevvy - although I'm no car enthusiast, so don't hold me to that. Berlin style hostel corridors take you in to a smaller room that is also used as Waxwerks, a highly anticipated and very respected record shop in the day but come evening, a bar and second room for local brands to apply their trade to events.


Moving onto the music, a line up that contained both legendary acts and fresh talent. Chez Damier was on hand before the event to do a productive interview with the local punters before taking to the stage with some heavy hitting house we have come to love over his illustrious career. Customers donned their Back to the Future themed outfits to some seemingly appropriate hands in the air predicaments. A lively affair I expected, but not on this level, it was as though the roof on the The Garage could cave in and not one person in their brightly shining jackets would care.


The theme deserves a mention. Basics is always a typically colourful affair, but with the Back to the future theme in full tow this was something else. The Basics faithful love an excuse to dress up and with the dark and post apocalyptic surroundings this was a marriage of the bright lights and undeniable resistance of one of the founding fathers in the industry. Basics people are a passionate, supportive (but most importantly), unpretentious bunch of followers.


Chez collectively plowed through his expertly selected tracks with some cuts from Levon Vincent, Todd Terry and The Nightcrawlers all receiving a rapturous applause from the audience. Everything from disco to techno was on hand as the club covered all bases in their line up. With four rooms in total there was always somewhere to bob your head. Upstairs Luke Solomon laid the ground rules with some typical vibes pumping through the system. Laura Jones also added her take on things with a productive outtake on some future classics (see what I did there) to boot. Another shining light was Maurice Fulton, Sheffield based disco DJ took Waxwerks to a new level with his collection of beats old and new.


I could sit here an talk all day about Basics and how eventful the evening was. I could also, like previously mentioned, talk about how Basics has opened the door for pretty much everyone to hold hands and join the revolution of the industry with love and happiness. To take it seriously but to have fun at the same time, to have passion but not to have overdrive, to have swagger but not cockiness but to know how to stick two fingers up and have a truly awesome time. A national treasure along with its founding father Dave Beer and his army of resident, that would be a line up in itself.


Take a bow. Dave Beer, Tristan Da Cunha, Frenchy, Buckley, Ralph Lawson, Jon Woodall, Burnski, James Holroyd and all their amazing guests. 21 years and still the pinnacle of the world's music scene.




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Review by Rob Chadwick

Images courtesy of Alex Daniel

[Event Review] Back to Basics 21st Birthday Part

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