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[Event Review] Butter Side Up 4th Birthday - Motor City Drum Ensemble

[Event Review] Butter Side Up 4th Birthday - Motor City Drum Ensemble

Butter Side Up, Wire and a 4th Birthday celebration. Bringing groove of timeless disco combined with the analogue sounds of house and techno, Motor City Drum Ensemble succeeded in producing a mind blowing performance for the Leeds based promoters most recent anniversary.

Entering the venue at around 11pm, the Butter side up residents were warming up the crowd nicely as I watch Danilo Plessow aka MCDE pick his selected records of choice for the start of the night. Stepping up to the turntables at around 1am he starts to distribute a selection of vintage disco tracks which has the desired effect on the crowd.  Straight away we realise that Danilo’s mixing skills are just as hot as his producing ones. As the new grooves pulsate though the flood of eager fans, the night could commence.  After watching MCDE’s past performances, like his Dekmantle Boiler Room flourish on social mediums, everyone knew they where there for a night to remember. 

Starting the set solely on vinyl we hear disco classics such as Logg’s Dancing Into The Stars and Bileo’s You Can Win. Instantly recognisable, a chorus of cheers flood through the room as the vibes are etched up a notch.  Using the term hybrid DJ, MCDE brings two different music cultures together blending his own styles back and fourth throughout the night.  Priding himself in showing a crowd the different music he has to offer, he isn’t at all scared to step out of his comfort zone and take a risk.  That being said, Danilo really showed the crowd his individualism through the music he played. Putting his own stamp on the set list of songs used he made it clear that he was producing something fresh and unique. Pushing his own skills and talent to the limit, it does show how exposing listeners to new types of music can definitely pay off.  With groovy bass lines and skilled instrumentations the crowd didn’t stand a chance from the start. We where immediately locked in and taken on a journey, start to finish consuming an unforgettable music experience. 

butter side up 4th birthday

In his own words he describes his musical performances as “combining second hand stuff with new stuff”.  If it’s not playing a vintage 70s disco record back to back with a new techno track, then its sampling the jazz instrumentations and infusing them into the latest house and techno beats.  As the night progressed, the light hearted disco began to infuse with more industrial, acidic, analogue beats and driving basslines – including a must find remix of Aphex Twin’s ubiquitous Windowlicker. The crowd where gradually eased into each transition as the likes of Sylvester’s undeniable classic On And On eased it’s way through the speakers out of the tail end of a percussive, acidic selection.  The positive reaction from the crowd showed in the DJ himself as he grooved and moved with the energy of the room.

All in all, we see another great performance from one of the undisputed great talents in the scene, and one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Butter side up threw a great, and well deserved, 4th birthday celebration and it only bodes well for their winter parties to come – including their upcoming debut in the capital with Jane Fitz and Eric Cloutier.

mcde butter side up 4tth birthday

Words by Jimmy Caldwell
Images courtesy of CG Photography 

[Event Review] Butter Side Up 4th Birthday - Motor City Drum Ensemble

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