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[Event Review] Canal Mills pres. Eats Everything, Mosca & more

[Event Review] Canal Mills pres. Eats Everything, Mosca & more

2013’s shaping up to be a busy year for Bristolian house sensation Eats Everything, whose show at Leeds’ Canal Mills defied the coldest of northern nights to provide a seamless night of British beats alongside Mosca - the pair working in tandem to cover every inch of the two dance-floors.  After a day of blizzard-like conditions saw buses stop running along many of Leeds’ major routes, taxis were a precious commodity, but that wasn’t going to stop thrill-seekers from making their way through the snow in their hundreds.  Such was the scale of the show, that groups could be seen starting their walk from as far out as Headingley, with portable pre-drinks and the promise of a particularly heavy night providing all the strength needed to fight off the mid-Winter chills.  With the impressive turnout an accolade in itself, by the early hours it was clear that such dedication was justified, as the thousand-strong audience bore witness to a relentlessly energetic night.

Having myself journeyed from well across the canal, I arrived to find the tone already set, with both rooms eclectically filled with pulsating party-goers, buzzing after well received slots from Ben Pearce and South London Ordnance among others.  The venue itself is pretty much ideal for such a show, with a vast sound system delivering the power needed to move the floors underneath the significant masses and a bare-walled warehouse feel ensuring that the DJs took centre stage uninhibited by unnecessary aesthetics.  Like most of the best clubs, Canal Mills is focussed very much around providing a party atmosphere, and this is certainly reflected in the all-in attitude of its customers.  With the cloakroom quickly filled, most took to the floor still wearing their thick winter gear, too psyched for the night ahead to care for a little extra heat.  Not that it was needed, as the night’s main acts were quick to raise the heat further come the start of their 02:30am sets.   


As soon as his first track dropped, Eats Everything had the crowd eating from his hands, deploying a signature mix of thundering bass and dance-inducing grooves to the delight of the vocal crowd.  With tracks like the ever-popular ‘Entrance Song’, Eats Everything’s talent as a producer is not to be questioned, meaning that his set is a pretty even split between the best of his own material and that of his peers.  Finding room in his set for the likes of Jesse Ware, Disclosure and Joy O, Eats Everything has a noteworthy list of electronica allies to call on, and he does so with seamless mixing and instinctive track selection.  The unveiling of a remix of Chicken Lips’ ‘He Not In’ demonstrated an assuredness in his selection, with the track slotting into his set as if it had been there for years despite its infancy as an official release.

Bruising drops and passages of dazed breakdowns ensured that Eats Everything’s brand of jungle, deep house and techno stayed fresh for the duration, and justified the fervent calls for him to be considered one of the UK’s top producers.  All and all, a top night when conditions outside could have dampened a less frenzied evening.  It seems Eats Everything and Canal Mills are a good match, with both competing at the top of their fields and promising only to build higher.


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Review by Andrew Kemp
Images courtesy of Canal Mills

[Event Review] Canal Mills pres. Eats Everything, Mosca & more

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