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[Event Review] Cuff Records Label Party - Amine Edge & Dance + More

[Event Review] Cuff Records Label Party - Amine Edge & Dance + More

Cuff Records Label Party - Amine Edge & Dance + More
Saturday 12th April
Sankeys, Manchester

Since disco evolved into house music in the early 80’s, there’s been many a subgenre to follow. If we fast forward 20 years and look at the subgenres around us now, we’re overwhelmed with choice, opinion and many an argument about the genres and subgenres our favourite DJ’s are put into. However, one undeniable subgenre which we all seem to agree on is G-House, coined by the French duo Amine Edge and Dance. The sound has been described by Dance himself as “a lot more than just hip-hop lyrics over a house beat”. The true definition of this unique subgenre incorporates influences from funk, NYC rap, Chicago house and various other places.

The two boys from Marseille, France have an ever growing fan base which seems to have already conquered the entire of England so far. It was no surprise when they sold out Sankeys in Manchester for the second time in 2 months. Fans flocked to the venue on Saturday night with the shared intention of bumping their hips to the ghetto, up tempo madness.

Whilst waiting in that infamous queue, passers-by begged those waiting in line for any spare tickets, which seemed to be like gold dust, and that’s no surprise! Amine Edge and Dance are frequent chart toppers on the BeatPort website, and their number of plays is ever increasing with every new mix they put on SoundCloud.  

We finally got to make an appearance in Sankeys at around 12:30AM when the club was up to the rafters with girls clad in hot pants and guys sporting 5 panel hats. We took to our usual spot by the speaker further back on the left hand side of the basement and joined in the party of already sweaty ravers. The ocean of people before us moved in time to a set from Clouded Judgement, the supporting London twosome who were doing an admirable job of juicing up the crowd. A slightly techier rendition of Green Velvets Bigger Than Prince seemed to work in their favour as the crowd showed appreciation by chorusing along to the classic.

Amine Edge and Dance appeared behind the decks at 2:30AM to take over the party that Clouded Judgement had already started. I assumed they’d greet us with one of their classics within the first ten minutes, but I think I speak for the rest of the crowd when I say we were equally as satisfied with their dirtier version of Kp and Envyi’s Shorty Swing My Way instead.

Track after track, the boys forced filthy beats into our ears – the kind of beats that make most pull faces and let out some kind of excited noise or exclamation.  We were lured deeper and deeper into the night: at the sound of those famous words 1, 2, 1, 2, licky licky, there was a commotion which flooded the room with gasps, hoots, whistles and oi’s. I think it was this point my friend said to me that he’d never seen a crowd dance so much before, and I don’t think anybody can deny it. Even when they slowed things down with their current BeatPort no.1 mix Lost, fans stayed loyal by continuing to wiggle and groove.

These creators of G-House have a fan base which will inevitably continue to multiply, as their label and movement begins to take over the house music industry. Furthermore, their Sankeys Ibiza residency this summer is guaranteed to get the rest of the world wet for these two deck masters. Let’s watch this space. 

Review by Chloe Jones
Images courtesy of Gemma Parker Photogrpahy 

[Event Review] Cuff Records Label Party - Amine Edge & Dance + More

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