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[Event Review] Nest: De Sluwe Vos & Medlar

[Event Review] Nest: De Sluwe Vos & Medlar

Nest: De Sluwe Vos & Medlar
Saturday 23rd February
The Garage, Leeds

Having moved to play host at several of the best venues around Leeds including Mint Club, Stinky’s Peephouse and The Warehouse, Nest has finally decided to ‘lay it’s eggs’ and move into The Garage as a permanent home for their monthly parties. The club has gained a massive reputation within a year of opening for holding some great nights, and has already won DJ Mag’s award for the ‘UK’s Best Small Club’. It is definitely a fitting home for Nest, who constantly strive to keep things fresh and exciting!

This time around it was due to be the turn of Terrence Parker, who after canceling first time around, failed to show up for the second booking. Undoubtably this was disappointing for both the promoters and the guests however it didn’t dampen spirits as in under a day, the organizers succeeded in arranging up and coming Wolf Music star Medlar to perform in his place.

Warming up this month was resident Rikki Humphrey. This was the second time I’ve seen him and he was just as impressive as the first. All of the cuts that he was selecting sounded fresh and punchy, and I didn’t recognize many which made me wonder how many white labels unbeknown to me he is keeping in that record box of his. Hopefully I will get to hear some more very soon!

Medlar was next to play and by the time he had stepped up the club was packed and moving nicely thanks to Rikki. He kicked things up a notch straight away and played his own remix of “Yours’ by Steffi for his first track, a huge garage number which got a great reaction. After playing a selection of house and garage, towards the end of his set he gave the crowd something a little different and played a few disco numbers to make way for the headliner to start up. From watching the crowd and listening to what he was putting out it was clear that this last minute addition to the line up was a great choice.

It was now the turn of De Sluwe Vos, who before this day had never played in the UK. From the stories people will hear about the party scene in the UK and especially in Leeds, I’m sure he was expecting something special, but not quite on this scale. Firstly I have to say I’ve never before seen a DJ move quite like this guy does, arms constantly in the air, moving and keeping the crowd on their toes. The effort he was putting into keeping the vibe as good as it was was relentless. It was all about huge kick drums and evil baselines from the start. He reeled off some seriously impressive raw, housey music including several peak time Slapfunk monsters like Samuel Deep’s ‘3521’ and De Sluwe’s own ‘Concrete Groove’, which sounded incredible on the clubs Funktion One speaker stacks. Further to the end of his set things became less aggressive but still energetic as he brought his set to a close. Still littered with floor fillers, it was a great ending, even containing Stardust’s classic ‘Music Sounds Better With You’, which was the first time I’ve ever heard the track played in a club. The crowd erupted and were singing together in a sea of smiles which could be heard both over the music, and when the track was silenced for seconds to hear the sound of hundreds of clubbers singing along to the chorus. Collectively I think everyone who was there that night will be in agreement that De Sluwe Vos was extraordinary, and in my opinion the best Nest booking to date.


Closing the night was resident Ali Scott who maintained the liveliness right until the end. Keeping with the ending style of De Sluwe’s givings it was music that brought big smiles to everyones faces. Basement Jaxx, Junior Jack and other bouncy treats were what he provided to end another memorable Nest. Both guests who played provided animating sets. But for me De Sluwe Vos stood out as being inconceivable. I hope he will be making a return sooner rather than later. Until then, we have the memory of this night to bask in.


Review by Josh Plews
Images courtesy of Chris Gibbon Photography
[Event Review] Nest: De Sluwe Vos & Medlar

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