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[Event Review] system. presents Dixon & Âme [All Night Long]

[Event Review] system. presents Dixon & Âme [All Night Long]

It’s approaching summer now, and System’s season of winter/spring events has come to end. It’s not long before their 12+ hour terrace parties and day long festivals will grip the city as we relish the coming months of sun, heat and of course, more great music. But before we turn our heads to look at what’s coming, we first had an all night long back-to-back performance from Dixon and Áme to finish the tantalizing series of events that we have religiously attended all winter long.

Before the Innervisions champions arrived at the club, it was the duty of Bobby O’Donnell and Annie Errez to warm up the crowd to a steady simmer. Playing two on two off they’re a consistently good pair to hear, who over the first hour or so pleasured us with a wave of grumbling yet slightly melodic house, playing some tracks that we have grown to recognise over the winter. When the headline acts arrived, their set was finished with STL’s moody and mysterious ‘Neurotrasmitting Clouds On The Secret Freeway’ that finished things off wonderfully before Dixon and Áme took to the stage.

As RA’s Number 1 DJ touched the mixer there was a huge applause. The beat stopped and a pad slowed down the pace a little, which slowly built up again with shakers that echoed around the room. As the first bass note hit the ceiling lit up blue and another cheer got our feet moving. It seems a good point to note that the crowd that had come out to see these guys play was great. With no pretentiousness in sight, we stomped along to the steady disco-edged house and techno, which oozed analog warmth.

The synths that lead each track occasionally built up into hugely intense climaxes, constantly evolving through each breakdown and melting into the trippy vocals that made an appearance now and again. A voice that sang over one track caused a euphoric hands in the air moment, which even saw Dixon close his eyes and sway with the beat.

systen leeds

As the night progressed things got deeper, one highlight being Áme’s ‘Den Ratta’ which was received with whistles and a sea of fists in the air. Recondite’s ‘Fiery’ led a path into harder territory, which went into their 4
th and 5th hour of playing. The last hours in my opinions were the best, as the speed had been edged up, and more aggressive sounds met our ears.

As someone who had never seen Dixon or Áme play before tonight, I was always fairly conscientious that their performance would be one that is meant to provoke thought rather than being one spearheaded by tracks made for the dance floor. Giving them the opportunity to play for an extended time however makes it clear they are more than capable of covering all corners.

Review by Josh Plews
Imagws courtesy of CG Photography

[Event Review] system. presents Dixon & Âme [All Night Long]

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