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[Event Review] System Presents tINI & Marcel Dettmann

[Event Review] System Presents tINI & Marcel Dettmann

When arriving at Mint Club last Saturday night, there seemed to be a next level air of excitement for what was about to take place. It was before midnight and there was already a large queue leading down Harrison Street. Murmurs in the line about the event were being passed around and everyone seemed to be on their toes anxious to get inside.

After entering the club we quickly made our way through the crowd to get involved straight away. As you would expect with this caliber of guests it was very busy, but due to a capacity limit there was the perfect amount of people inside for it to be highly enjoyable. At this time Bobby O’Donnell was coming to the end of his warm up set, which was greatly succeeding at getting the crowd hyped up for the long awaited return of Desolat’s dearest dame.

tINI stepped up, and one thing I noticed as she took to the decks was the involvement with the crowd she constantly has. From track one her presence was there, and the tunes she was knocking out were incredible. The beats were chunky, the sub bass was titillating, and the croaky vocals made me tingle! Calling her a ‘female Loco Dice’ would not be far wrong as her skills were shown through creating her own breakdowns, drops and looping different parts of her tracks. Put this together with her flawless mixing and constant movement and it creates one very special performance. She also didn’t ignore the fact that what was to follow her was going to be something fairly different, the speed increased and the beats became more aggressive as she started to pump out some techno to bring on the closing act.


Nowadays it’s very common to simply start a set by mixing in the next tune, or to fade out and back in if there’s a change in pace. Marcel Dettmann deviated brilliantly from this as he began by serving a five minute soundscape, which was rife with metallic, windy sounds immediately changing the mood in the room. As the beat started to pulsate it was very apparent that the bpm has been cranked up a notch and the bass was now a wonderfully constant rumble. The energy his music was provoking was engulfing the crowd as the fists were permanently clenched, punching towards the smoky rainbow ceiling. Whilst being industrial, it still had a noticeable groove which kept me going right to the end.


Personally, this has claimed the spot as being my favourite System to date, and I know from the conversations I had with other guests that it was for them too! Hopefully tINI and Marcel will be making a return to play for them once again, sooner rather than later!

Review by Josh Plews
Images courtesy of IGR::Photo

[Event Review] System Presents tINI & Marcel Dettmann

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