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[Event Review] The Warehouse Project - Curated by Disclosure

[Event Review] The Warehouse Project - Curated by Disclosure

The Warehouse Project - Curated by Disclosure
Friday 22nd November
Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

The Warehouse Project has been running since September 2006. Now in 2013 the hype has excelled, tickets sell faster and the lineups are bigger. Earlier in the year Disclosure had announced their tour dates and it was back on the 27th of June that excited fans rampaged the ticket sales for what I consider the biggest WHP line up this season. Blessed with the likes of Disclosure (Live), Breach, Bicep, Dusky, Justin Martin, T. Williams, Zed Bias, and with the list of brilliant artists continued this night couldn’t get any better.

With an early start of 10:00 I managed to begin my night with a bit of Justin Martin and Dusky, the overlaps at WHP kill me every year but as it was early on I was able to catch Justin Martins opening in room 2 and then leisurely walk back to the main room for the closing of Dusky. Room 2 had its usual smoky strobe décor, this fitted Justin’s set perfectly, which had taken a strong futuristic techno direction with the use of some real sharp tones, and pitches against the hard base. I have heard many amazing mixes from Justin Martin but this performance seemed to be on a different level for me, he seemed to have explored the music further with less melodic phrases and more focus within the elements of the sounds. This worked brilliantly for him, the crowd at WHP can be brutal but we ate up every mix and he really got people moving, it was just the right warm up from the harsh cold queue outside.

Justin Martin // The Warehouse Project // Curated by Disclosure // #WHP13 (Photo: Pippa Rankin)

Just over half way through the set I decided to move into the main room and settle my place for the rest of Dusky and Disclosure. The main room was already very full, but with some space to dance people were taking full advantage of the great music the Dusky duo were playing. I managed to get a place near the front and for once it was really nice to see their faces so clearly, Alfie Granger-Howell & Nick Harriman AKA Dusky were having a brilliant time! They really interacted with the audience with laughter and smiles and having a dance of their own made such a difference. They were not only great to listen to but also great to watch - you often don’t get to see the enjoyment it brings the DJ. A highlight of the set for me was their own mix
Careless, which as expected went down a treat with all around. 

11:30 arrived and the anticipation in the crowd was crazy. The interval music stopped, the stage filled with smoke with a piercing white light, building blocks of sound filled the warehouse with flashes of that iconic face Disclosure are known so well by.  The face screeched to a strobe of visuals and silence, to when the boys appeared to the sensational sounds of the F for You intro. The crowd burst into song shouting back the lyrics, the energy was huge and the sounds of the live drum kit, drum machines and synths filled the warehouse to the ceiling.

Disclosure // The Warehouse Project // Curated by Disclosure // #WHP13 (Photo: Seb Matthes)

Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence announced their tour earlier in the year to celebrate the release of their newest album Settle. They have been traveling all over the country and the tour takes them across the world. The album cannot be faulted; every track is memorable and has its own individual Disclosure taste to it. As seen by the audience’s response not one song was unknown or weaker than others,
When a Fire Starts to Burn powered on the show with such a hearty base and main melody that echoed through you, singing along just couldn’t be helped. The fun and energy continued throughout every track from Boiling to Tenderly to You and Me. It felt more like a big party than a gig, with circles of people dancing and singing together - that’s a really great atmosphere to create. With over an hour set the majority of the album was played with highlights of White Noise (Ft Aluna George), Running (Ft Jessie Ware), and a moment I will never forget; Help Me Lose My Mind, the track was a soothing break, it allowed you to take a moment and watch the incredibly realistic visuals behind the decks before moving into their closing track, Latch (Ft Sam Smith).

After our minds had been blown by the brilliant Disclosure we wandered a little getting some great vibes from Bicep in Room 2 and then back to Breach for some feel good tracks. Zed Bias vs. the Disclosure boys finished our night with a lot of laughter, watching the DJ’s have banter on the decks with a remix of Paul Johnson's Get Get Down.

Review by Becky Stringer
Images courtesy of Seb Matthes (1, 3) and Pippa Rankin (2).

[Event Review] The Warehouse Project - Curated by Disclosure

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