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[Event Review] The Warehouse Project - Richie Hawtin presents ENTER

[Event Review] The Warehouse Project - Richie Hawtin presents ENTER

One of the biggest WHP nights to date hit Store Street last week, as Richie Hawtin presented the Enter experience to the people of Manchester. Basing his nights on points of entry to new experiences it was clear to see that the line-up didn’t at all hold back on their performances. Having made his own personal statement on the island of Ibiza, Hawtin and crew bestowed what can only be described as a mind blowing atmosphere on The Warehouse Project stages. Having already taken over the legendary Ibiza club, Space, the small underground car park that is Store Street was a walk in the park for the Enter guests and they knew exactly how to please the crowd. With cutting edge producers like Gaiser and Recondite, fans were instantly taken in and sent on a crossroads of experiences that the Enter nights uniquely create. Curating the line-up himself, Hawtin picked out producers and DJs that are at the top of their games. These likeminded individuals each took their turn in showing the people what they could offer and displayed some of the finest sounds in techno from around the world. 

After battling the long queues, we eventually entered the venue at around 11:00pm to watch German DJ and producer Recondite. Renowned for creating his hard hitting sounds in unique ways, Recondite aka Lorenz Brunner goes to extreme lengths to get the best out of the music he produces. His latest album Hinterland has grasped individual elements of his producing styles and relies heavily on the sounds of field recordings. Taking samples from wooded areas Recondite can change a simple wood knock into a hard hitting kick. During his set this individualism definitely shone through as his combination of experimental techno sounds had the crowd lost in his performance.  Bringing creativity back into the techno world, this young producer really out did himself in generating something fresh and new under the arches of Manchester's Piccadilly Station.

Following on from Recondite in Room 1, was the one and only master of minimalistic sound sculpture, Gaiser. Having previously shaped club nights around the world Gaiser’s musical footprint has definitely left on impact on the world of techno. With huge tracks like Bodylost and Some Slip, his fans were instantly locked in and ready to experience his distinctive sounds of bouncy bass lines and energetic rhythms. Gaiser’s dramatic loop changes and irresistible drum patterns left the crowd in admiration as he grooved along to the tracks of his choice. 

Throughout the night, it was clear that most people were there to watch the bigger names on the line up perform, which was a real shame. The second room was deserted most of the night which didn’t really give other acts performing here a chance to perform to a reasonable sized crown. Despite this, the opportunity arose to get in touch with up and coming talents in room 2 and get away from the overcrowded atmosphere in room 1. This definitely proved to be worthwhile as DJ Miles Whittaker from the Modern Love label put on an outstanding set. Getting away from the more machine based sets involving launch pads and samplers, Mile’s all vinyl performance was just what the night needed. Combining a blend of hard techno with hints of acid this DJ held nothing back as his skills were near perfect. Every song change was a treat to the ear, leaving the crowd in appreciation after each transaction. It’s a shame that this act was missed by many, because his talents were remarkable. Two tracks that are definitely worth listening back to are Kevin Gorman - Shakey Metallic Beats and Oops' Jilt Van Moorest. It was refreshing to go away wanting to explore further into a DJ I knew little about because of such a memorable performance.

Search Results Richie Hawtin presents Enter - The Warehouse Project

As everyone knows, Richie Hawtin prides himself on the latest in new technology ideas, bringing the latest in performance equipment to the stage. Basing his set around four tractor scratch decks you are constantly hearing a variety of different loops over laying one another throughout. Although changes might seem diminutive, behind the equipment we are seeing an array of different samples and pads being used in Hawtins act to get the crowd buzzed. With his supporters wearing Enter patches on their arms and black vests to imitate his look, it was clear that these people had been waiting in anticipation to be in Hawtins Presence. Undoubtedly, he delivered and brought that Ibiza feel to WHP that his fans came to be part of. His rise and falls of vivid beats excited his crowd and proved that his legendary mark on music wasn’t going to be forgotten any time soon.

Review by Jimmy Caldwell
Images courtesy of Gemma Parker

[Event Review] The Warehouse Project - Richie Hawtin presents ENTER

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