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[Event Review] Visionquest at The Warehouse Project

[Event Review] Visionquest at The Warehouse Project

Visionquest Thirteen
Saturday 27th April
The Warehouse Project, Manchester

Visiting The Warehouse Project (WHP) is a nostalgic past-time and awaited event in clubbers diaries. Once I’d discovered Visionquest were headlining last  weekend’s event, I glowed with excitement as I purchased my ticket last-minute.

On arrival into the venue I was acquainted by an eerie spiral of black cloaked ghouls, who padded the concrete floor whilst dressed in pointed hoods and gloomy face paint. I watched the gather of silhouettes escape into the night, later to be identified lurking behind the pillars and posts of Victoria Warehouse. This was a well-planned visual addition to the night which really added to the spooky vibe the Visionquest boys are famed for.


Fast-forwarding to around midnight, I joined the first real bustle of pandemonium. Visionquest’s remix of Kiki's 'Good Voodoo' (BPitch Control) was once one of the summer’s biggest underground hits that had sadly been forgotten, until  the anthem was revived by the boys, enlightening the crowd with glory. In true Visionquest style, influences of chirping crickets, whirring spaceships and the sweet whistling of voodoo magic were used to effectively spice up their captivating collection of techy sounds.


Coinciding with Visionquest, Dinky appeared to thrill her front row viewers in her traditional eccentric fashion that can range from Deep Techno to Funk and Soul.

Laura Jones was next up for me, who had a pack of creatures waiting to go crazy at the first clang of a hi-hat. By this time, the solid, cold and dry walls of Victoria Warehouse appeared to have softened into a warm and waxy structure. Although faces and floors oozed, the neon sweaty mess that stood before Jones continued to lose their inhibitions as she dropped the monster “Love In Me”.

My friends and I struggled to avoid the unfortunate nudges and shoves from the Shufflers of Room 3 as a rolling fog suddenly obscured our entire vision. After escaping into the clear, we retreated to a safe haven away from the hustle. Hidden behind sheets of white and silver voile, double mattresses lay bare, waiting for worn out partygoers like us to take a breather. A faint pump from the last few tunes could be heard whilst we attempted to recover from the lasting buzz that Visionquest had fuelled us with earlier. If we hadn’t stumbled for a taxi home at this point, we would have probably stayed there until security escorted us out.

All in all, the night was a success and I’d strongly provoke anybody into having a WHP experience at least once. However, if you’re like me and the amount of fun you’re having depends on the atmosphere created by those around you, please leave your caravan park dance routines at home!

Review by Chloe Jones
Images courtesy of The Warehouse Project

[Event Review] Visionquest at The Warehouse Project

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