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Album Of The Week: Best Of 2016

Album Of The Week: Best Of 2016

Elliot Ryder | Features & Interviews

The most wonderful time of the year. A time where we take a step back, scrutinise, and then critically merit the products of the past 12 months, all before being arranged in a neat order for all to see.

2016, a year history will remember as being, well, indifferent, has fanned the flames to inspire empowering collections of music from some of the most significant figures in the industry. From grime further cementing it dominance, to the second coming of Frank Ocean, the past 12 months will at least be smiled on kindly by history when referring to its music.

So when the time came to file our 2016 Album Of The Week works, rather than get ourselves caught up in the seasonal tradition of listing, we’ve opted to recall some of the best LPs to have made a mark on the TA office over the year. Everybody loves a clip show, so sit back and enjoy the best of Ticket Arena’s Album Of The Week from 2016.

Frank Ocean – Blonde

“With Blonde, Ocean forcefully took his image out of focus, instead opting to create a transparent record that laid bare his vulnerabilities and longing for the deeper textures of life.”

Fliptrix – Patterns Of Escapism

“High Focus have struck a winning formula of late, and Patterns Of Escapism strikes up a chemical balance in a similar vein. With Illinformed providing the spine on the album, Fliptrix is given free reign to demonstrate his vocabulary, intertwining social observation with rolling hooks; all delivered with the ease of microphone scholar.”

Marcel Dettmann – DJ Kicks

“Drawing together remixes, original productions and collaborations, the DJ Kicks mix exemplifies Dettmann’s ability to caress brutal sounds with a level of attentive melody. Tracks from Orlando Voorn, Dan Curtain and collaborations with Levon Vincent add serious punch to the mix which offers a telling narrative from the first track to the last.”

Roman Flügel – All The Right Noises

“Shifting its gaze from the dance floor to mellow song structures, the album gently carries you through its osculating changes of pace. Harmonious piano chords that could bring life to a standstill, brooding tension that is met with a sea of tranquillity, chaotic drum patterns that jostle for supremacy; All The Right Noises is a sentient being that lives and breathes over the course of its 52-minute life.”

Jagwar Ma – Every Now And Then

“While further exports from the Australia’s prevailing psych wave continue to blow off the dust on revivalist rock, Jagwar Ma have provided the antidote to those eager to take their first steps in the world of dance. Here on Every Now & Then, Jagwar Ma distort generic song structures with the freedom and exploration electronic music instils.”

L.A. Salami – Dancing With Bad Grammar

“Dancing With Bad Grammar indulges in a classic blues aesthetic while remaining firmly fixed on modern culture. Tracks such as ‘Day To Day (For 6 Days A Week)’ and ‘The City These Days’ pin point the artist’s ability to deliver grounded music with optimistic undertones of escapism. Reloading the barrel with ammo from 2016, Dancing With Bad Grammar is an apt post blues accompaniment for times of perspective uncertainly.”

Romare – Love Songs Part II

“Burning bright and stoked by raw passion from start to finish, Love Songs Part II fluctuates through Romare’s tales of lust and love that got away, delivered through a collection of samples, edits and original instrumentation.”

Words by Elliot Ryder
Photo courtesy of Gigs & Festivals

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Album Of The Week: Best Of 2016

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