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Album Of The Week: Best of 2018

Album Of The Week: Best of 2018

In the year that saw a slew of debuts as well as a long list of mighty comebacks, we’ve taken the time to select our favourites from the past 365 days, the stand out albums and the ones that have made a lasting impression throughout 2018. From debuts to the best up and comers to returning artists delivering the high standard of musical endeavors we can expect. We reflect on what has truly been an exceptional year in music, as we look back at the best of 2018…

Jon Hopkins - Singularity
Picked by Stefan Gandhi

“Reaching peaks of nauseating acid house interwoven with the ambient beats and almost classical elements that gained the technically proficient producer spots in curating some incomparable film scores in his hiatus from record creating, this odyssey of synths, strings, pulsating periods and acid tints contains such immaculate detail that it requires multiple plays.”

Everything Is Recorded - Richard Russell
Picked by Lorna Gray

“When you’re the head honcho at one of the UK’s leading labels and have been for over three decades, collating a supergroup and combining some of the best artists across the genre and style spectrum must be quite a task, still, given the result of Everything Is Recorded, we’re very grateful that Richard Russell of XL Records was willing to take it on.”

Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel
Picked by Stefan Gandhi

“With the grunge-inspired sound originating from her fascination at a young age for bands such as Nirvana, the Australian superstar continues to demonstrate her musical roots in each song, not falling victim to the sell-out qualities that come with commercial success.”

Rae Morris - Someone Out There
Picked by Stefan Gandhi

“While Unguarded was a project drenched in drama and ballad style piano alongside Morris’ Kate Bush-esque vocals, Someone Out There borrows some electro-pop sensibilities and experimental sequences while keeping her staple vocal gymnastics as she plunges into unknown territories with unparalleled confidence, comfort and unconstrained capability.”

Rejjie Snow - Dear Annie
Picked by Lorna Gray

“Dear Annie showcases the raw talent that Madge saw, with jazz style beats under Snow’s cool and honest lyrics about a love, lust and loss. While the album’s first half is a somewhat upbeat affair, with ‘Pink Lemonade’, ‘Spaceships‘ and ‘Egyptian Lover’ offering danceable sounds and optimistic endeavours, there’s a distinct switch to the album’s second half with ‘The Rain’, ‘Room 27’ and ‘Desolé’ being a more sombre affair, with sporadic vintage radio style speeches introducing the tracks and filling the gaps in between.”

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Album Of The Week: Best of 2018

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