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Essential Listening: Giggs

Essential Listening: Giggs

With funeral tempo bars and an ice cold attitude to match, Giggs’ rebuttal to the grime genre that’s taking over offers something entirely different, and he’s recently managed to single handily reinvent the London rap game. His success might seem sudden, but having burst onto the scene in 2010 and grafted nonstop since, the recognition this emcee has gained is not only deserved, but long overdue. We selected the best Giggs verses; of course, the entirety of his debut album Landlord should have a notable mention as the self-released record is a not only a testament to his hard work over the years, but his skills as an emcee, but focusing on that would mean we’d be missing out on all the tracks he’s offered his unique vocals to, and that would be a great shame.

Giggs - Whippin Excursion
The crowd’s reaction when this song is played live is enough of an indication to how much of a banger it actually is. The multi-syllabic rhyming skills is enough to showcase his undeniable talent but then delivering them on top of such a scorching beat? It’s as if Giggs isn’t even giving a chance to other artists.

Giggs ft. Donae’o - Lock Doh
This beat is so simple but so, so cold. This song fully indulges the stereotypical lyrics that all too often dominate the verses of so many rap acts, but somehow Giggs pulls it off. Perhaps it’s his signature style that allows him to get away with the controversial bars, so cool and collected it doesn’t seem like a brag or boast, more stating the facts of his own life. The contrasting vocal bridge hook from Donae’o makes this track ridiculously catchy and you’ll end up guilty of singing along.

Kano ft. Giggs - 3 Wheel Ups
And this is probably the fastest you’ll ever hear Giggs dish out some flawless bars, proving that although his staple remains at the wholly different slow tempo approach to rapping, he’s still more than capable of keeping up with his grime counterparts - both in tempo and skill - including the likes of Kano. Fast flow, check. Perfect delivery, check. Ice cold attitude, check. Outshining Kano on his own song? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Drake ft. Giggs - KMT
There were an abundance of artists who offered their vocal talents to Drake’s most recent and celebrated release More Life, including Kanye, Sampha, Black Coffee and fellow grime act Skepta - but it’s Giggs that stands out as he features twice within the 22 track project. Out of the two singles, it had to be KMT that made it to this list, as the dramatic, film score style beats compliment his villain style emceeing - it also features one of the best lyrics of a rap flow to date - “Batman - da na na da na!” In this live video, watch Giggs appear from the floor from 1:15 and prepare to be blown away by his bars.

JME ft. Giggs - Man Don’t Care

Probably one of JME’s most famed tracks, and can it be owed to the guest verse from Giggs? Maybe, as it is pretty damn good. Those 90s gamer style beats under both rappers’ aggressive vocals make this single stand out, but it’s Giggs’ verse that throws shade with lines like, “Just look at my list of friends as he holds them up with tweezers” that really makes this track.

Giggs heads to Lockdown Festival in Exeter, headlining the stage on Saturday 2nd September. Flying over to Croatia afterwards, Giggs will be at Outlook Festival, initiating on Thursday 7th September. Headlining his own night at the infamous Warehouse Project, Giggs will be joined by Nadia Rose, Devlin Charlie Sloth and more at the Store Street Venue on Friday, 13th October

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Essential Listening: Giggs

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