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Essential Listening: Nadia Rose

Essential Listening: Nadia Rose

Any fan of the London rap scene will be familiar with Nadia Rose, and if you’re not, allow us to introduce you. This bad gal hails from Croydon, and has been spitting bars for years; a cousin of Stormzy, lyrical genius and rhythm riding must simply run in the family. Her first underground single ‘Station’ was accompanied by a self-made video that went viral, gaining Nadia plays on some of the biggest underground radio stations the capital city has to offer. Skip forward a few years and Nadia Rose is comfortably igniting stages on an international scale, with Glastonbury, Wireless Festival and Lost and Found only naming a select few. Now, Nadia’s mission for world domination isn’t showing any signs of stopping, so it’s time to get to grips with some examples of her unparalleled sound.

Big Woman

As Nadia’s most recent release, this empowering anthem not only preaches that she’s a Big Woman that deserves to be taken seriously, but also serves as solid evidence of just that. With her witty, fast-paced bars completely putting her male counterparts in their place on top of a beat produced by Bam that makes it almost impossible not to move to - this track show’s the emcee’s take-no-nonsense side with its message while still maintaining her fun-filled nature with the danceable beat.   


Released in 2016, Nadia’s single ‘Boom’ is aptly named as it’s an explosive entry into the mainstream emceeing scene. Bars for days, there’s no holding back in her fast flow of intelligent rhymes and even more intelligent rhyming schemes, this is a party track through and through - fitting, as the accompanying video features an actual party attended by Rose.


Not only is this song a cold combination of her multi-rhyming skills, her aptitude for a fire pulsating beat and her quick and incomparable tempo changes, it was also used as an anti-fascist anthem in Nadia’s hometown of Croydon. If that doesn’t tell you the power of Rose’s music, then we’re not sure what you need to be convinced.

Tight Up

Nadia Rose just might be the sole artist capable of turning the fact a skirt it too tight into a song and pulling it off entirely (the song, not the skirt). With its ‘Oh Jesus, someone call the seamstress’ breakdown showing that her humour is intact despite throwing some seriously hard sounds out in the process.

Crank It

Last but certainly not least, anybody lucky enough to catch one of Nadia’s explosive live sets will know that this track signals the grand finale, and what a finale it is! It’s a song of simple instructions, ‘pump the volume, drop the treble, pump the bass’ but most importantly, ‘shake it’ and ‘crank it’ - which, given the nature of the rhythm provided by Kideko and George Kwali, will be followed with or without direction.

Nadia Rose claims dates both in Croatia’s Hideout Festival, which take place at Zrce Beach between Monday 25th and Saturday 30th June and London’s South West Four, dominating Clapham Common on August Bank Holiday weekend.

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Essential Listening: Nadia Rose

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