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Essential Listening: Submotion Orchestra

Essential Listening: Submotion Orchestra

Nicole Raymond | Features & Interviews

Hailing from Leeds, Submotion Orchestra are back on tour this year and I’m not the only one who’s excited to see them back on the scene! The eclectically talented seven-piece band will be kicking off this year’s tour in Manchester, then playing in their hometown Leeds on Saturday the 17th of March, and continuing on until the end of April where they’ll finish in Poland. So if you don’t get a chance to see them… well, that’s just rude, frankly. Make the effort and go, especially if you’ve not heard of them before… in which case, where have you been the last few years? Not to worry though, here’s 5 tracks that will serve as an introduction to their wide and vibey repertoire.

This was the first song I’d heard by Submotion Orchestra, and it was enough to get me hooked straight. They managed to effectively capture summer and the essence of falling in love so perfectly in this little beauty of a tune without making it cheesy or gimmicky. This tune really help to cement their individual identity in the music industry, forever solidifying their presence. With strong elements of jazz, dub, pop coming through in this tune, it’s hard not to love and skank along to this.

Definitely in-keeping with the song’s title, there is an air of mystery and sexiness here that is very strong...so imagine the uprise upon first hearing this track when it goes into overdrive halfway through with a powerful brass solo and switch up in the rhythm?! Opting for a more dubby/ska vibe, you immediately go into full-on skank mode as the horns become the main focal point of the track. Still bangs today!

All Yours (Freddie Joachim Remix)
Don’t get me wrong, the original is also lush...but to hear “All Yours” flipped to fit a sexy neo-soul/chilled hip hop motif so effortlessly means it needs to get a mention here too. Leave it the multi-talented Freddie Joachim to successfully pull it off. Downside is that it’s only 2 and a half minutes long! Best stick it on repeat and vibe out to it HARD...in a chilled way of course.

Times Strange featuring Rider Shafique
Another break from the usual Submotion Orchestra motif, and that’s certainly not a bad thing, we find ourselves listening to this gem featuring the poetic prowess and unmistakably rich voice of Rider Shafique. Opting for a darker and deeper landscape for this tune, it rocks you and makes you skank lower to floor so you can feel those lower-mid and bass frequencies resonate and hug you inside-and-out, reminding you of those deep and meditative dub/dubstep moments in the club where time is literally submerged by the sub-bass...so good!

This instrumental tune BANGS. Opting for a much darker vibe, the dubstep influences are strong here, especially in the bassline. This tune further showcases Submotion Orchestra’s ability to span a wide range of genres without compromising their sound or unique taking on the darker/more underground styles of music. While this is an instrumental tune, it is in no way missing anything. Yes the vocals take a rest, but rightly so as it’s already lusciously dense in distinctive rhythms and seductive melodies.

Submotion Orchestra play their hometown Leeds’ Canal Mills on Saturday 17th March and then take to Brighton’s Concorde 2 on Friday 23rd March, as part of a tour that also takes them to Manchester and overseas.

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Essential Listening: Submotion Orchestra

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