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In Conversation: Darius Syrossian

In Conversation: Darius Syrossian

Andrew Kemp | Features & Interviews

Never one to shy away from letting his thoughts be known, Do Not Sleep’s Darius Syrossian demands plenty of attention. Formerly a resident at Manchester institution Sankeys before their high-profile parting of ways, Syrossian is known for being a stalwart in the house and techno scene, performing regularly at the world’s biggest parties. Playing and making music designed strictly for the dancefloor, Syrossian knows his way instinctively around any club you can put him in, so we thought we’d catch up with him ahead of performances at ABODE In The Park and Circus Halloween.

Hi Darius, we’re coming to the end of summer now; are the festival weeks the best of a DJ’s year?
Well I'll be honest, give me a pair of decks and people that want to dance and I don't care if it's a club, a basement, an after party or a festival with 10 thousand people - I’ll enjoy it equally.

You’ve plenty on over the next few weeks, with spots at two festivals in ABODE In The Park & ADE Amsterdam coming up. Is the prospect of playing at an inaugural festival something that adds extra spice to the party?
Yes of course, every festival is different so it's exciting to see what is in store at ABODE this weekend. The planned production sounds amazing and Finsbury Park is a perfect location for a city festival.

You’re playing ABODE In The Park this Sunday on the Do Not Sleep stage alongside Detlef, Hector Couto, Josh Butler. How important has your Do Not Sleep residency been to your career?
I've always preferred to be a resident and have a journey with one party, than only do guest spots where take the limelight more. When you are resident for a party you watch it grow and the journey is part of the fun. But I still make sure I have my own separate thing where I guest for other parties too.

You’ve already got a close relationship with ABODE, of course, as you were a guest DJ at plenty of their early nights. How will it be stepping up at their first festival?
Well I’ve played twice for them, once at Studio 338 which was amazing and once at Tobacco Dock which is another fantastic venue in London. It’s also great to bring the Do Not Sleep crew together for this show, but the lineup looks really strong across the whole event!

You recently played for Leeds for Back To Basics, who recently celebrated 25 years of the party with a full orchestral outdoors show in Leeds town centre. How big in the game do you think Dave Beer and the Basics crew really are?
Well they have been going since the early 90s and a lot of today’s scene was built around those iconic parties that started things off, taking it from outdoor raves to clubs, and we all have to take our hats off to people like Dave Beer and the few other promoters who are still doing it today.

Earlier in the year you were forced to cancel shows in America because of Trump’s travel ban. With news of ecstasy tablets shaped liked Trump’s head doing the rounds in the UK, each coming in a lovely Dutch orange colour, could Donald be the new Gary?
Hahaha I've had some interesting questions in my time doing interviews but this one beats them all! But no, I think nothing will beat Gary Ablett, do you remember the size of his haircut? That was some mullet! I suppose they both have interesting haircuts....

Moving away from power-crazed-wotsit-people and back towards music, what’s ahead for Darius Syrossian in the last third of 2017?
Well loads really, i have an Australia / New Zealand tour, loads of shows across Europe and straight after new year i have a South America tour. I am launching my new record label too, and there are gigs all across Europe, and lots of releases coming up, including the collab with Steve Lawler, and my track that everyone keeps asking about - “MOXY”.

And finally, we’ll end on a track. If one track could best capture the energy that you aim to bring to your set at ABODE in the Park, what would it be?
Well I never plan a set so depends on the crowd that is in front of me and I have plenty to choose from, it could be house, techno or a classic, but this is a clip from DO NOT SLEEP this Tuesday just gone. I was doing b2b closing set with Detlef, this is how we ended: 7am, lights on and nobody is leaving! It's the crowd that has been coming to DNS that has made this summer amazing, so hats off to everyone who has come, it has proved to me that Ibiza isn't all about VIP and there actually are some real music heads still out there.

Syrossian plays at ABODE in the Park at Finsbury Park on Sunday 24th September, heading North in October for a spell at Yousef’s Circus for Halloween.

Photo courtesy of Darius Syrossian

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In Conversation: Darius Syrossian

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