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In Conversation: DJ Marky

In Conversation: DJ Marky

With a career spanning over two decades, DJ Marky easily holds a title as one of the most prolific drum and bass DJs and producers to date, with several seminal track releases to his name. The Brazillian mastermind is not only a high-in-demand act on all DnB inclusive lineups, but has garnered quite a reputation amongst his fans and peers alike over the last twenty or so years, becoming his very own label boss and founding a successful branded clubnight in DJ Marky in Friends, as well as dominating the summer’s festival circuit. Coming up - DJ Marky takes to Hospital Records’ Hospitality On The Beach so we caught up with him for a quick fire chat ahead of it...

It’s been three years since your last album. Can you tell us about plans for another record?

I had plans to release another album this year but to be honest, my focus at the moment is the Innerground #100 Release, which I’m trying to get the artists who I love at the moment and the Innerground artists who’ve supported the label over the years!

I saw you were in the studio with Pola & Bryson earlier this week. How did that collab come about?

Harry & Jack are amazing talented guys and since they released Delphic Underworld on Shogun Audio their music blew my mind so it’s a great pleasure to work with them!

What do you want to achieve with that track?

Success of course!

In recent times you have been putting out some huge remixes like the Praise You one for Fatboy Slim. Do you prefer working on a remix or an original track?

Depends…I love to do remixes but I don’t like to remix tracks that I don’t like, I like to do something that I can play and be proud of myself! About making tracks I like to not pressure myself, if I have an idea it’s cool, I go to the studio, otherwise doesn’t bother me. TBH I’m more a DJ than a producer. I like Turntables, the Dancefloor, make people smile, educate them… that’s the DJ Job.

What track do you wish you had remixed and why?

So many…too hard to choose one!

What are the festivals and shows you are most looking forward to this summer?

Definitely the Critical Sound BBQ Vs DJ Marky And Friends This Saturday 25th May, Sun And Bass 2019 in Sardinia, Hospitality On The Beach in Croatia, Liquicity Festival, Dour Festival and all the DJ Marky And Friends Shows.

One of those events is Hospitality on the Beach. How do you feel thoughts on the first edition last year?

I had a lot of fun last year! Me and MC GQ was on point like Q Tip & Phife if u know ATCQ (A Tribe Called Quest) ! Really good to see all my friends so yeah, was fantastic!

How much better do you think it will be this year?

I wish I had a crystal ball to tell you but unfortunately I don’t. I think it’s gonna be fantastic!

How much praise do Hospital Records deserve for hosting such an amazing first overseas festival?

It’s a great achievement so they should be proud of themselves.

How does Hospitality On The Beach compare with other Croatian festivals like Outlook?

Well, I don’t know how many HOTB they had in the past years… Probably last year was the first isn’t it? And it was great. I don’t like to compare cos Outlook has been around for so many years. I had an amazing time at both festivals and that is what matters to me: Having a great time!

One of the good things about Hospitality On The Beach was that fans and artists could mingle throughout the whole event. What’s your view on this sense of community?

I think it’s cool, very similar vibes as Sun And Bass so it’s all good!

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In Conversation: DJ Marky

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