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In Conversation: Eli & Fur

In Conversation: Eli & Fur

Since marking their arrival onto the scene in 2012, Eli & Fur have continued to turn heads thanks to their infectious grooves emerging from the studio and impressive performances behind the decks. Having been tipped as ones to watch at the beginning of 2015, the duo has worked to cement their place alongside some of the biggest names in the game featuring on compilations by Carl Cox and Pete Tong. Ahead of their home coming show in London this Saturday at The Nest, we caught up with the pair to talk Ibiza, NYX Music and chemistry behind the decks.

Hi girls!

Summer is fast approaching. What have been your highlights from over the winter period?
BPM was a real highlight. It’s really nice to get some winter sun, plus it was the first time playing there for us as well as our first time in Mexico, it was a lot of fun. Having some time in the studio has also been great. Summer is always busy but January to March is a good time to knuckle down and write as much music as we can. So that’s been really great too.

You will be appearing amongst a long line of house and techno heavyweights at Space Ibiza this year for part of Carl Cox’s final season in Ibiza. What does it mean to be playing for such a legendary figure during his farewell year?
It really is crazy for us, he’s such a legend and to be included in the lineup means so much, it’s a confidence boost and so motivating. We have always loved Carl’s attitude to dance music, he gives off so much amazing energy and everything about him and his career has been a big inspiration. To be part of his last season, something that will be so historical, and to be playing alongside so many names we look up to is a dream.

You have said that Ibiza is your favourite place to play. What sets it apart from everywhere else?
Apart from it being a beautiful Island and the weather being amazing, the history and the dedication to dance music is what sets it apart, the best DJs in the world have played there, built brands and parties there, there so many stories and so many people there to live it, you can feel that energy and excitement the moment you get there. To play in Ibiza just makes us more and more hungry to be the best we can be. The pressure to deliver is higher, it’s more challenging, and that’s exciting for us.

When making music as a pair, are there roles each of you play that usually stay consistent or do you both usually do a bit of everything?
It really depends, we always try and take different approaches when making our tracks. We will either start with programming drums and getting a groove we like, that’s usually the both of us deciding on sounds. Then Fur likes to jam over the groove, this can sometimes be for hours and hours until we both agree on what works. In that process we usually end up with a big collection of sounds we love, then when it comes to structuring, we like to do that live with Ableton, so we can get more of a feel of what works where. After that we add the vocal parts. So it’s really all as a pair, we have never made any track separately as we always like to have each other's opinions.

Sometimes we do it totally differently and write vocal hooks with a guitar, then lay down the vocal and build up the track from there.

It’s also great to work in new studios, try out new equipment, it gives you a fresher take on things.

Eli & Fur Ticket Arena interview

When you’re playing out, do you have a formula for how you DJ together or do you just go with the flow?
It depends on a lot of things, space, length of the set etc Often when we are Djing with just CDjs we go back to back. But we love to play with Ableton Live also, it gives us a lot more to do and makes more sense for us being a duo. We can add vocals, play parts of our own music live, it feels more creative and hands on.

I read recently that you made your new single Lookalike in a cupboard with your friend TÂCHES. Is this true and why choose a cupboard?
Yes and we had no choice! It was a last minute studio booking in LA, they just shoved us in a cupboard. But in all seriousness the cupboard was well equipped so it was all good. It was an intense session the three of us all in there, I think we took 1 break in like 12 hours. Taches is an awesome producer, it was so much fun to work with him. We love to collaborate with other people. It’s always amazing to see things through other people's eyes. You come away having learnt so much more.

You launched your record label NYX Music a couple of years ago. What’s the vision with the label and whom have you signed to the imprint thus far?
We have always wanted our own label, we have always talked about A&R and finding acts we love. We spend so much time online doing this and NYX was set up as an outlet for ourselves at first but we are now at the point where we would love to start putting out music we really believe in. Having your own label gives you full creative control and we are 100% into every part of the creative side. We want to partner with artists, video creators, graphic designers. Build a story around artists and what the face and story is behind the music.

You will be playing at The Nest in London on Saturday. Have you played here before and how do you enjoy playing in your hometown?
We haven't played The Nest for ages! Think we did a couple of dates at the start of Eli & Fur but we played early. To headline is very exciting and in our home town! We don’t play in London a lot, it’s such a huge city with so much going on it’s good to keep the gigs spread out. It’s a great opportunity to have a bunch of mates down and have a good party. We play a 3 hour set from 1am. Looking forward to the playing a longer one that usual, should be fun!

Eli & Fur @ The Nest

Interview by Josh Plews
Photos courtesy of Eli & Fur + The Nest

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In Conversation: Eli & Fur

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