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In Conversation: Fatima Hajji

In Conversation: Fatima Hajji

Andrew Kemp | Features & Interviews

A leading figure in Spain’s techno scene, Silver M boss Fatima Hajji couldn’t be more invested in her art. A fan of dancefloor shaking techno with releases on Unity Records and Pornographic Recordings as well as her Standbite, Taikatta and Silver M imprints, Hajji has carved herself a distinctive image and a loyal fanbase, making her one of Madrid’s favourite producers and tastemakers. Set to show off her talents at Egg London this weekend, we tracked her down to squeeze a chat about all of her musical endeavours into her busy winter schedule.

​​Hi Fatima, it looks like you’ve been moving about a lot in February; how’s life on tour?
Hi there, yes it looks like the first months of this new year have been very busy and the forthcoming months even more so. I'm very happy to be able to do my thing in some different places, travelling, raving and meeting loads of great people all around. It's simply great! After travelling, free days I use to be at home working, in the studio and having some relaxing time with the family and my pack (2 dogs and 2 cats).

You’re now based in Madrid, staying loyal to your Spanish roots and resisting the call of some of the more established techno cities like Berlin. Tell us a bit about the music scene in Madrid.
I love to live in Spain, in future maybe I can move but now I'm where I want to be and, to be honest, it's important for me to be based near a good airport. It doesn't matter too much if I live in one city or other as I spend my time travelling or in the studio. The scene in Madrid is nice and I think every day is becoming stronger. There're many good professionals working in the industry and loads of people demanding to dance every weekend so I'm thinking we're in a good way upgrading the scene every year in Madrid and also in the rest of the country.

You'll be holding your debut Silver M showcase at London’s EGG on Saturday 3rd March which will see you playing alongside Fabio Neural, Francesco Miele and Distracted Sides. How well do you know the other artists?
I'm so happy to be back in London and I'm really excited about this night. Fabio already has a great EP on my label Silver M which was released a few months ago and it was a bomb. I love him as a producer so I'm very grateful to have him on board. Francesco also appears on the first Eclipse series of Silver M's VVAA with new names and tracks that captivate me. On stage, it will be my very first time together with these 3 great artists and I hope not the last.

Have you visited Egg previously? What do you make of it?
It will be my very first time but, of course, I know about the club from social networks, videos, etc... and I know it's one of the must visit clubs in London. I'm totally excited for this night and it's a huge honour to be there with the Silver M brand.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
Keep working hard, this is my passion and I'm totally focused/involved on it, playing and producing music. I'm happy, did I said that? I have some new tracks in the pipeline that will soon be released on different labels and also in April is the release of my new EP on Silver M with 3 original tracks and with great remixes by Drunkeng Kong and Rudosa.

You’re releasing tunes fairly prolifically at the moment. Is it difficult to strike a balance between your production interests and increasing demand as a DJ?
After more than 10 years working hard in the studio I can say I'm currently feeling the best I've ever been as a producer. I mean you'll never stop learning and finding new tools, new sounds and new tips; this is totally infinite. Love it.

But, I can say now I'm nearer than ever to my own sound and it's simply amazing when you can feel satisfied, more even more after years of seeking and testing. Sometimes it's not easy to stay in the studio after a busy weekend, but most of the times I can do it easily as I'm totally addicted to this lovely way of life.

Thursday next week is International Women’s Day. As a female artist, do you feel that you’ve faced obstacles that male counterparts have not had to tackle?
Yes I know, an important day to have in mind. It's important to remember what happened on March 8th more than 100 years ago with those workers in New York as a symbol of many things that have to be improved on equity between women and men.

The Electronic scene (and in other genres I guess) are a reflection of what's happening in the rest of the world, that's why there are less females than males as DJs, this is changing a bit slowly but inexorably. Probably in the Techno Scene we are luckier than in other genres, as most of the people are just caring about the sound, not the face, sex genre or clothes. The main thing is the sound, but also society is evolving and more girls are having the opportunity to live with the same opportunities than men in their social environment. It's a thing of time I think and I hope.

How important is it that women like yourself make use of the platform you have to encourage more girls to get involved in the scene?
When I select tracks for the label like to focus just on the music, not on the names who've produced it. If it fits for my taste I want to include it on the label (the same as when choosing tracks for my sets). But, to be honest, I'm very happy when the name is a new girl because there are only a few at the moment but it's not a point that affects my decision.

There are loads of female DJs doing inspiring things at the moment, but which have impressed you the most?
Nina Kraviz is one of the masters. She has the flow, I love her style too much as she is totally natural doing her thing. Amelie Lens and also Charlotte de Witte have been doing amazing work over the last couples of years, showing how to do the proper work to get a good place in this scene.

Finally, as is tradition, we’ll finish on a track. What’s your top tune of 2018 so far?
​I'm ​lucky to say that my ​favourite for this year will be released on Silver M very soon!
The Profecy by Roentgen Limiter.

Fatima Hajji and her Silver M gang head to Egg London on Saturday 3rd March, with Fabio Neural, Francesco Miele and Distracted Sides joining her in the booth.

Photo courtesy of Fatima Hajji

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In Conversation: Fatima Hajji

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