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In Conversation: Flashmob

In Conversation: Flashmob

Will Waldron | Features & Interviews

One of dance music’s most respected artists, Italian DJ/producer Flashmob has been a mainstay on the circuit supported by multiple heavyweight releases on labels like Defected and Hot Creations. In the midst of a 2019 world tour and on the eve of the release of his new single, 'Roll The Dice', Flashmob will be headlining Malta’s Full Moon Med Fest in July – we took the time to catch up with hi and find out more about his label’s 5th anniversary, how to stay healthy on the road, and what people can expect from a Flashmob set.

You’re in the middle of a huge world tour, covering Italy, UK, Netherlands, US and many more, what have been the highlights so far?

Definitely the Paradise Opening with Jamie Jones at DC10 Ibiza has been the highlight of the summer so far, but also Barbellevie Festival in Belgium and Milan Music Festival In Italy were both an absolute blast... I posted a couple of really cool videos of these events on my Instagram page.

The tour also takes you to Full Moon Med Festival in Malta, what’s the music scene like in Malta? Have you had any experience playing there before?

Malta is super cool to play in, as is the island of Gozo right close to it. They have a really super young and fresh crowd – mainly Northern European that likes and knows the club scene very well. I feel it’s slightly more underground in Malta and very, very energetic. I can’t wait to be back!

What should new audiences expect from a Flashmob set?

It’s a real mixture but I’m playing a lot of stuff that I’ve ripped from my vinyl collection these days, as well as some of my own new productions from my forthcoming Sunshine Series… I’m gonna post my recent set at DC10 for Paradise on my Soundcloud shortly if you’re curious.

What would be your travel tips to artists on heavy tour schedules like yourself? Do you have any go-to remedies or activities?

We are all different so I can tell you what works for me.

Usually, I find that keeping your focus when traveling from one place to another is really hard… You’re often drained by traveling, heat, party and sleep deprivation, so what really keeps me focused is trying to be as healthy as possible and constantly finding new music to play out.

On top of the touring you’ve got plenty of releases coming out at the minute. Can you tell us about your forthcoming release ‘Roll The Dice’ – what is the influence and idea behind the track?

I wrote both the music and the vocals to this then working closely with my singer Nadine, and I feel it’s an expression of freedom... The idea for me is always to feel free and enjoy the process really – hopefully that is reflected in the track! The DJ support has been incredible so I’m looking forward to playing it out this summer.

It’s coming out on your own imprint Flashmob Records, and the label has just hosted new music from Amine Edge and Dance – can you tell us about your A&R process – what do you look for in a track before signing it?

I work closely with my A&R Luca Garaboni to try and filter the great quantity of demos we receive, and also to research the artists that we feel can really serve the label’s musical direction. The demos come in from my website and get filtered by Luca and another person before him, then finally me; then, Luca and I try them out... He’s a resident at Blue Marlin Ibiza so he can try out new music on a daily basis – we’re a good team.

Flashmob Records is celebrating 5 years in the game this year, how do you plan to celebrate the milestone?

Definitely happy about the label and the way it is growing, and to celebrate the 5 years we are gonna do some events like the Malta one, and also maybe some surprises on the label too… Watch this space, it’s going to be a busy year.

Finally, whether it’s yourself as a DJ or Flashmob Records, what have been the proudest moments of your career?

My pride stands in the fact I feel independent and free to express myself through music… My success means I am part of the process of the evolution of electronic music, and how cool is that!

Catch Flashmob at Full Moon Med Fest in Malta on Friday 19th July.

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In Conversation: Flashmob

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